Ahhh and what a great one it is. 😀

So any fun weekend plans? I plan to sleep, veg on the couch and maybe get some reading done. I am now re-reading The Hunger Games books and just started Catching Fire. Still love them to death. I wish there were a million other series out there as good as those that I haven’t read yet. Know of any? I attempted to read the Game of Thrones ones but couldn’t get past page 50 of the second one. I have read the best of the Diana Gabaldon ones already. I tried The Winter King series (about King Arthur) and was very hopeful because it’s a huge series, but got bored a couple hundred pages in. I have read the Maze Runner ones, and the Uglies/Pretties books. Any others you know of?

What food did you used to hate but now like?

Bell peppers! Well to a certain extent. I used to detest even a mere hint of the flavor or smell of them because they permeate everything they touch. Now I actually really like green ones on pizza, and am starting slowly to like green & red in some dishes.

Have a great day!



Written by Kelly
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