Hello and happy end of the week!

Strangely, I am not really looking forward to this weekend. I mean, I am looking forward to NOT being at work, but tomorrow I have two long appointments. First is a hair appointment, which normally I look forward to, but this time not as much. I am in that in-between stage with growing it out, and it’s driving me insane. I hate it. I hate it short, I hate it long, I hate it in-between. Also, I am bored with the color (already) but have no idea what to do. Then after that 2 1/2 hour appointment, I have to get my taxes done. SNOOZE.

I hope your weekend looks brighter than mine!

Do you have (or did you have) a favorite pair of jeans?

I am what you might call a jeans aficionado. I love them, live in them (and cargo pants) and they are what I wear most of the time. Currently I have a zillion pairs and 99% don’t fit (wah). I don’t have a favorite pair now because of this damn girth I’m packin’, but I used to.

In 1997 I bought my first ever pair of what was then considered designer jeans. They were Diesel brand and were $100, which then seemed like a lot. Now, not so much…They were a super dark wash that was pretty uncommon those days, and had kind of a retro 1950’s look. They fit me PERFECTLY with no alterations. They were soft and amazing with a little stretch, which I think was a new phenomenon for jeans. I wore them for probably a good five years and had them for another five before we parted ways. Not only were they way too small for me when I decided to get rid of them, but also I like my jeans pretty long now, and they were just too short.

But I won’t ever forget them. 🙂


Written by Kelly
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