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MAC Chenman Official Photos & Information

Chenman Ambient 300

Chenman Beauty 300

Chen Man (陳曼) is the star of the Chinese fashion photography world, rising to prominence on the strength of a series of groundbreaking covers created for the Shanghai- based Vision, China’s first avant-garde fashion magazine, merging her exquisite aesthetic with computer virtuosity.  For her M·A·C collaboration, a bold, sensual and lyrical colour collection inspired by the artist’s fascination with love and water (represented by the colours pink and blue).  Defining the moment while heralding the future, M·A·C Chenman defies the gaze to look away.

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Three Green Essie Shades You Need in Your Life

It’s been awhile since I bought any new Essie polishes, and BOY did I miss out on some great colors!

These might not all be super new shades, but they are all great greens that I am really pleased to add into my collection. I think green fanatics will want them all, if you don’t already own them.

Navigate Her, Sew Psyched, Armed & Ready

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Wet n Wild MegaShield Lip Color SPF 15 for Spring 2012 Swatches, Photos & Review

Wet n Wild MegaShield Lip Color SPF 15

Wet n Wild MegaShield Lip Color SPF 15 are a new lip product this spring.

These super moisturizing and slick lip colors come in fourteen shades and contain vitamin E, amino acids, avocado oil and rice bran oil, as well as an SPF of 15. Yahoo!

I was expecting a more sheer wash of color when I first went to swatch these. Something along the lines of the Revlon Lip Butters maybe. But WOW, they are super pigmented! Color like a lipstick, but they feel more comfortable like a lip balm. Very slick and easy to apply. They last a good solid 3-4 hours without me feeling the need to reapply.

They are not without their “issues” though, but more on that later.

Wet n Wild MegaShield Lip Color SPF 15 2

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Ms. Cranky-Pants

I would be cranky also if someone woke me up shoving a camera with a flash in my face.

Raising Eyebrows by Cameron Tuttle, Tips from Benefit Cosmetics and My Eyebrow Story

The year was 1995 (or so) and I was 23 years old. I was sitting in my hairdressers chair gazing longingly at something I had never noticed before. Her incredibly perfect, arched eyebrows. So I decided to ask her about them and it turned out, she got them done in the salon by a new brow specialist they hired. A brow specialist who hailed from the Benefit Brow Bar previously.

I made my first appointment, not really knowing what to expect since I had never had waxing of any kind done before. It was so easy, painless and amazing. The results were… I looked SO MUCH BETTER!

I had kinda tried in a very half-assed way to get my brows into some sort of arched shape before that. I think the first time I attempted this I was probably between 19-20. I had no clue what I was doing so of course I over-plucked in all the wrong places, and they just looked bad. I didn’t “get” the concept of filling them in until I started having them waxed, so they were pale and hideous. I looked kind of like an alien with the top half of my face looking washed out.

But those were the 90’s when eyebrow waxing just wasn’t as common knowledge as it is now. At least that’s my excuse.

Now I know better. Since then I have fairly regularly been getting my brows shaped and waxed and always, always filling them in.

Now I know that eyebrows shape your entire face. They set “the tone” for everything else.

Now I know that not having them defined and orderly makes my whole face look older, droopy, surly.

Now I know that a simple thing like getting them shape immediately brightens and lifts my entire face, and makes me look younger. It also makes my eye makeup look 1,000,000 times better.

Luckily for us all Cameron Tuttle has written a book called Raising Eyebrows: Your Personal Guide to Fabulous Brows.

I read this whole book this past weekend and can say that is covers anything and everything you need to know about eyebrows. From the history of them to what will look right on you to diagrams, it is basically an eyebrow encyclopedia.

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