MAC Shop MAC Cook

MAC Shop MAC Cook Collection for spring 2012 features some of the cutest packaging I can remember recently AND some great products!

It’s a rather large collection (or two in one, really) and I’ve got your nails, lips and eyes covered.

Shop features most of the goodies including nail lacquers, lipsticks, eye shadow quads and cream blushes. Cook features three new nail lacquers, Fluidlines, powders and the extremely amazing Tendertone lip balms.

MAC Shop MAC Cook 2
MAC Shop MAC Cook

MAC Colour Added Eyeshadow x 4
Colour Added

MAC Colour Added Eyeshadow x 4 2
Colour Added

MAC Colour Added Eyeshadow x 4 Swatches
Laundry Daze, Colour Added, Self-Serve, Pre-Packaged

Laundry Daze is a pale yellow/white satin.

Colour Added is a bright yellow veluxe pearl.

Self-Serve is a dark grey satin.

Pre-Packaged is a deep turquoise blue veluxe pearl.

Really good payoff when swatched over a primer. They felt soft, didn’t give me any issues whatsoever and I adore all the colors, but especially Colour Added and Pre-Packaged.

MAC Shop and Drop Eyeshadow x 4
Shop & Drop

MAC Shop and Drop Eyeshadow x 4 2
Shop & Drop

MAC Shop and Drop Eyeshadow x 4 Swatches
Sugar Snack, Hypnotizing, Shop & Drop, Power Boosted

Sugar Snack is a pale pink matte.

Hypnotizing is a medium frosty mauve.

Shop & Drop is a very dark blue satin.

Power Boosted is a pink/violet veluxe pearl.

Once again I got pretty nice payoff and the colors are all pretty. Sugar Snack, which is a matte, was a little chalky looking, but the other three were really nice. Loving Power Boosted especially.

MAC Call Me Bubbles Eyeshadow x 4
Call Me Bubbles

MAC Call Me Bubbles Eyeshadow x 4 2
Call Me Bubbles

MAC Call Me Bubbles Eyeshadow x 4 Swatches
Call Me Bubbles, Fresh Daily, Brash, Full Of Flavor

Call Me Bubbles is a pale tan/nude satin.

Fresh Daily is a vivid frosty orange.

Brash is a medium red/copper veluxe pearl.

Full Of Flavor is a bright coral matte.

Wow! This was my favorite quad because the colors are so rich and vivid and so summery. The only one that wasn’t full-on “pow in your face color” was Call Me Bubbles. Even Full Of Flavor, a matte, was really nice and non-chalky feeling.

MAC Lipstick

MAC Lipstick 2
Innocence, Beware!, Nauty Saute, Dish It Up

MAC Lipstick 3
Innocence, Beware!, Nauty Saute, Dish It Up

MAC Shop Lipstick Swatches
Innocence, Beware!, Naughty Saute, Dish It Up

Innocence, Beware! is a pale yellow-based pink/nude shade. (Cremesheen)

Naughty Saute is a bright cool-toned pink. (Cremesheen)

Dish It Up is a berry colored pink (Lustre)

Innocence, Beware! and Naughty Saute tend to be more sheer colors since they’re Cremesheens. I liked Naughty Saute though, despite the sheerness. Dish It Up is more saturated.

MAC Lipstick Innocence Beware
Innocence, Beware!

MAC Lipstick Naughty Saute
Naughty Saute

MAC Lipstick Dish It Up
Dish It Up

MAC Kissable Lipcolour
Kissable Lipcolour

MAC Kissable Lipcolour 2
Kissable Lipcolour

MAC Kissable Lipcolour Enchantee and Flaunting It Swatches
Enchantee, Flaunting It

Enchantee is a pale blue-based pink. Looks a little less wearable on the lips than in my hand swatch. It’s very pale.

Flaunting It is a greyed out warm mauve color.

I love Kissable Lipcolours in general because they feel so easy to wear, and are really moisturizing. I don’t love the streakiness I get with Enchantee though.

MAC Kissable Lipcolour Enchantee Swatch

MAC Kissable Lipcolour Flaunting It Swatch
Flaunting It

MAC Cremeblend Blush Restores Dazzle
Cremeblend Blush

MAC Cremeblend Blush Restores Dazzle 2
Restores Dazzle!

MAC Cremeblend Blush Restores Dazzle Swatch
Restores Dazzle!

Restores Dazzle! is a medium plum shade. Great payoff, maybe a little dark for super fair skin tones though. Actually I take that back! I just put it on my cheeks and it’s a gorgeous pink flush, not too dark at all!

MAC Tendertone
Tendertone Lip Balm

MAC Tendertone 2
Tendertone Lip Balm

MAC Tendertone 3
Tread Gently, Purring, Hot ‘N’ Saucy

MAC Tendertone Tread Gently
Tread Gently

MAC Tendertone Purring

MAC Tendertone Hot  N Saucy
Hot ‘N’ Saucy

MAC Tendertones Swatches
Tread Gently, Purring, Hot ‘N’ Saucy

Tread Gently is a soft lime green with yellow pearl shimmer.

Purring is a tangerine with pearl.

Hot ‘N’ Saucy is a cherry red shade.

Ok call me insane but I have never tried Tendertones before! Why, I have no idea. These have SPF 12 in them and are crazy, crazy moisturizing and amazing. They smell and taste fruity, and feel really good on your lips. I adore them!

MAC Tendertones Tread Gently Swatch
Tread Gently

MAC Tendertone Purring Swatch

MAC Tendertones Hot  N Saucy Swatch
Hot ‘N’ Saucy

MAC Nail Lacquer
Nail Lacquer Al Fredo, Salad Dressed, Kid Orange

MAC Nail Lacquer Al Fredo
Al Fredo

Al Fredo is a medium acid green creme. Ok, I will try to be nice but it’s going to be hard. This was pretty awful. Not even looking at the color, which is all wrong for my skin tone, the formula was just a hot streaky mess. Shiny yes, uneven and patchy yes. This is three coats and obviously it’s never going to be opaque. Not loving this, to say the least. And I would never eat Al Fredo that was this color either. 😉

MAC Nail Lacquer Salad Dressed
Salad Dressed

Salad Dressed is a medium green/aqua creme. Ahhhh MUCH better! It may not be all that unique of a color, but the formula was much better, more even, and I only needed two coats. Pretty!

MAC Nail Lacquer Kid Orange
Kid Orange

Kid Orange is a coral red creme. It definitely leans more towards the red than coral in my eyes but there’s a hint of orange in it still. This is a little bit sheer and I needed three coats, but the formula was thin and easy to work with. Not very unique though.


Ok so what are the must-haves here? For me I was really impressed with the eyeshadow quads, especially Call Me Bubbles, and the Tendertones the most. I really like the Kissable Lipcolours as well, just maybe not these shades in particular for me. Naughty Saute Lipstick is a winner in my book as is Salad Dressed Nail Lacquer.

Availability: MAC now.

Pricing: Varies.

What do you think about MAC Shop and MAC Cook? Is there anything here you feel you might want?


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Written by Kelly
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