Jessica Heavy Petal Collection for Spring 2012 Swatches and Review

Jessica Heavy Petal is a new spring collection featuring six new shades.

This collection was inspired by the pink and purple colors of flowers in bloom, and definitely feels like a spring collection.

When I first saw the promo shots, I honestly thought this would be a snooze-fest collection filled with colors we have seen before. But I was really surprised when three of these, which I thought were cremes, wound up having amazing hidden shimmer in them.

Jessica Rolling Rose
Rolling Rose

Rolling Rose is a pale, soft pink with opalescent shimmer. WOWOWOWOW. No really, wow. I LOVE this color. This was one of the ones I thought would be just a pale pink creme, but no, it’s so much better! It’s super soft and feminine, but the blue/green shimmer gives it a non-boring edge. It’s probably my favorite pink in a long time. The formula is a little thick but not hard to work with. This was three coats and covers beautifully.

Jessica Born 2 Pansy
Born 2 Pansy

Born 2 Pansy (weirdest name) is a soft lavender with opalescent shimmer. The same shimmer as Rolling Rose. Again, this is another one I expected to be a creme but is so much better. Soft, pretty, utterly spring-like. Love it and three coats.

Jessica Geranium Gypsy
Geranium Gypsy

Geranium Gypsy is a medium lavender/pink frost. Yeah here is where we get to the ones that aren’t so good. Frost? I don’t really know of anyone who actually likes a frost finish. So dated looking to me, though the color is pretty. Aside from how dated it looks, it’s streaky-as-hell. Very hard to get decent looking. This was two streaky coats.

Jessica Hotter Than Hibiscus
Hotter Than Hibiscus

Hotter Than Hibiscus is a flamingo pink frost. Sigh. Again, nice color horrible finish. A little less streaky than Geranium Gypsy, but I wish it was a shimmer or creme instead. This was two coats.

Jessica Dazed Dahlia
Dazed Dahlia

Dazed Dahlia is the one lone creme in the collection. It’s a medium pink/red. Nothing to really write home about, nothing to complain about either. I feel we have seen this color plenty of times, but good creamy formula. This was two coats.

Jessica Witchy Wisteria
Witchy Wisteria

Witchy Wisteria is a deep purple filled with red/copper shimmer. Ahhh amazing! This is the other one I expected would be a creme. It glows, looks lit-from-within and excellent creamy formula. This is two coats. Expect a comparison soon between this and another very similar one…Zoya Tru!


I was happier with this collection than I expected, despite the two frost shades. I think Rolling Rose, Born 2 Pansy and Witchy Wisteria are very pretty, and I am really pleased with them. Dazed Dahlia is pretty as well but I think a lot of people will already have a similar shade. And unless you loved the 80’s so much you cannot deal with modern finishes, pass on Geranium Gypsy and Hotter Than Hibiscus. ­čśë

Availability: Jessica (coming soon).

Pricing: $7.50.

What do you think about Heavy Petal? Are Rolling Rose and/or Born 2 Pansy colors you would buy?


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  • February 28, 2012

    I was disappointed by the promo shots when I saw them, but the shimmers look great! These are the first swatches I’ve seen of the collection, thank you.

    Is it just me or does the shimmer in Rolling Rose look a little similar to Pedal Faster Suzi?
    Jessica┬┤s last post…a-england – Saint GeorgeMy Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    Rolling Rose and Born 2 Pansy look great! If only Jessica polishes were easier to find.
    Viktorija┬┤s last post…Actual NOTD: OPI Diva Of GenevaMy Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    The ’80s? J’adore! My childhood! I LOATHE frost finishes ALMOST as much as I love the ’80s. I’ll probably get the first two and definitely Witchy Wisteria; even if I didn’t love the color, I’d get it for the name alone! I have Zoya Tru, but haven’t used it yet; you know you’ve got the jones pretty bad when your untried pile gets into triple digits!!

  • February 28, 2012
    aaminahs mom

    Nice post, Sammy kinda gave us a heads up last post :) *heart* Sammy! Well the 2 that got me where Roliing Rose, Dazed dahlia , the rest are too frosty and the deep purple pass I got the dupe.Only beef I have with Jessica is the shipping costs ~They really need a free shipping with over $50 since that number isn’t hard to reach with them! ps I facebooked them with that suggestion.

  • February 28, 2012

    Ooh, I love Rolling Rose and Witchy Wisteria reminds me of an old OPI, “Peel Me A Gobi Grape” (from their Painted Desert Collection that came out in ’98-ish). Love!
    Maribeth┬┤s last post…Deborah Lippmann "Daytripper" Nail Polish PicturesMy Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    I saw somewhere that if you sponge on the last coat of a frost…u can make those brush strokes disappear that ruin frost polishes. I have yet to try it though.

    I agree 100% – these colors look so boring from those promo shots but awesome on the nail. See?! This is why I read blogs like yours!

  • February 28, 2012

    How weird!
    Two absolute stinkers, three gorgeous shades and a complete snooze!

  • February 28, 2012

    Witchy Wisteria is the one that stands out for me in the collection! Can’t wait to see your comparison swatches!! Rolling Rose looks adorable on you, Kelly!
    Sunny @ Mostly Sunny┬┤s last post…Swatch & Review: NARS, Take Me to Paramaribo (Limited Edition Eyeshadow Duo)My Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    I’ve got an aunt that will only wear frost polishes. Granted, she’s in her 60’s, but apparently there is still a market for them.
    Lulubelle┬┤s last post…Eminence Stone Crop MasqueMy Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    Hey how many coats did it take to get the finishing of those two frosty colors? I like it the collection, so girly!
    Vanessa┬┤s last post…Rave Review: OPI Drip Dry Drying DropsMy Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    It’s a mystery to me how anybody is still making frosts. They seem out of place in the pretty that is the rest of the collection…

    I really love Witchy Wisteria. Guess I’m still in winter-mode as it’s the least springy polish here. :)
    MLV┬┤s last post…Green, Olive GreenMy Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    Witchy Wisteria is the only one I’d consider buying. I don’t care for the frosty shades. I lived through the frosty period and once is enough.

  • February 28, 2012

    I really like these except for the two frost ones. They look so soft and elegant, it’s definetly my cup of tea :)
    Elsa┬┤s last post…Haul + Kiko n.255My Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    I definitely want Rolling Rose and Witchy Wisteria. I love that deep purples are in this spring. I normally think of deep purple as a winter color, but I love it and could (and do) wear it year round. I really appreciate the honesty in your posts! And yeah, my grandma used to wear frosts when I was like 5. No thank you.
    Ashley┬┤s last post…Hits Fox TrotMy Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    Wow, GenaCA! Tru is in my untrieds, too, but I am not up to triple digits…yet! :)

  • February 28, 2012

    Wow, Witchy Wisteria is the one that jumps out to me the most. Love how the shimmer gives it a bit of a fiery personality.
    Swatch And Learn┬┤s last post…Nail Art: Black & Blue Konadicure Using Essie Lapis of Luxury & Konad Image Plate m78My Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    Oops…meant to .reply to GeneCA’s post…
    Rolling Rose & Born to Pansy are nice surprises. Germanium Gypsy & HOtter than Hibiscus are pure 80s hell (especially that HTH, UGH!). I like Dazed Dahlia, even if unoriginal, and Witchy Wisteria is also a nice surprise. Probably won’t jump on any of these, but they’re interesting to see!

  • February 28, 2012

    Thanks for the review! When I see shades like Rolling Rose and Born 2 Pansy in the stores, I usually pass them up because I never know if they’ll be totally sheer or not – but these 2 are absolutely lovely!

  • February 28, 2012

    I like all the same ones you do! The shimmer in the pink and lavender almost make them look like a glass-fleck finish. Gorgeous. I could do with some pink on my nails. Spring is here :)

  • February 28, 2012

    I actually do like frost, but I don’t go out of my way for it. I choose my nail polish to what I wear and sometimes, a frost works the best. So yea, I guess some people do still like it? (I don’t prefer any specific type of polish: frost, matte, glittery, jelly; I just choose whatever works the best for the situation.)

  • February 28, 2012

    I am pretty much on board with you! I like the idea of the shimmer in Rolling Rose and Born 2 Pansy. However I love Witchy Wisteria because it isnt a pastel!!! However unless I buy online I will not be seeing these around. I did a google search for a supplier in my area and came up with nothing and I have a personal thing that I dont buy polish online…weird I know!

  • February 28, 2012

    I just wish these were more readily available – I even like the frosts, but then, I’m a child of the late 70s/early 80s with a soft spot in her head for frosts, brushstrokes and all.

  • February 28, 2012

    My favorite is Born 2 Pansy, the shimmer in it looks gorgeous! I could definitely do without the frosts in this collection.
    Katie┬┤s last post…Neon triangles nail artMy Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    I really Like Rolling Rose and Born 2 Pansy. I think frosts would be okay if they could stop the streaking.
    Dee┬┤s last post…Purple and Lilac Stretch BraceletMy Profile

  • February 28, 2012

    I’m surprised- based on the bottle pictures I assumed these would be boring colours, but I actually really like the first two and the last one. The purple and copper shimmer combination is so pretty! And the opal shimmer in the first two colours is really lovely.
    The Lacquer Tracker┬┤s last post…Quo by Orly – Night SkyMy Profile

  • February 29, 2012

    Rolling Rose and Witchy Wisteria look lovely will be picking up those 2 now Born 2 Pansy I already have a few shades similar to that one the others look streaky so ya not wasting my money and the hot pink is just bleh xx

  • February 29, 2012

    I seriously did NOT expect those swatches after the bottle shot at the top. They’re gorgeous! Except the frost ones, I really love them! Adding them to my wish list!
    lesleykat┬┤s last post…Aveda Damage Remedy Review and Giveaway [GIVEAWAY CLOSED]My Profile

  • February 29, 2012

    Rolling rose is pretty, as is Born 2 Pansy. I love that opalescent shimmer.
    Phyrra┬┤s last post…Demure PeacockMy Profile

  • February 29, 2012

    i love witchy wisteria!
    alice┬┤s last post…Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me Top Coat, JESSICA Stark NakedMy Profile

  • March 1, 2012

    Rolling Rose is my fave!!

  • March 2, 2012

    I need rolling rose, born 2 pansy & witchy wisteria!!!

  • March 2, 2012

    I love lighter colors , I love these!