Jessica Heavy Petal is a new spring collection featuring six new shades.

This collection was inspired by the pink and purple colors of flowers in bloom, and definitely feels like a spring collection.

When I first saw the promo shots, I honestly thought this would be a snooze-fest collection filled with colors we have seen before. But I was really surprised when three of these, which I thought were cremes, wound up having amazing hidden shimmer in them.

Jessica Rolling Rose
Rolling Rose

Rolling Rose is a pale, soft pink with opalescent shimmer. WOWOWOWOW. No really, wow. I LOVE this color. This was one of the ones I thought would be just a pale pink creme, but no, it’s so much better! It’s super soft and feminine, but the blue/green shimmer gives it a non-boring edge. It’s probably my favorite pink in a long time. The formula is a little thick but not hard to work with. This was three coats and covers beautifully.

Jessica Born 2 Pansy
Born 2 Pansy

Born 2 Pansy (weirdest name) is a soft lavender with opalescent shimmer. The same shimmer as Rolling Rose. Again, this is another one I expected to be a creme but is so much better. Soft, pretty, utterly spring-like. Love it and three coats.

Jessica Geranium Gypsy
Geranium Gypsy

Geranium Gypsy is a medium lavender/pink frost. Yeah here is where we get to the ones that aren’t so good. Frost? I don’t really know of anyone who actually likes a frost finish. So dated looking to me, though the color is pretty. Aside from how dated it looks, it’s streaky-as-hell. Very hard to get decent looking. This was two streaky coats.

Jessica Hotter Than Hibiscus
Hotter Than Hibiscus

Hotter Than Hibiscus is a flamingo pink frost. Sigh. Again, nice color horrible finish. A little less streaky than Geranium Gypsy, but I wish it was a shimmer or creme instead. This was two coats.

Jessica Dazed Dahlia
Dazed Dahlia

Dazed Dahlia is the one lone creme in the collection. It’s a medium pink/red. Nothing to really write home about, nothing to complain about either. I feel we have seen this color plenty of times, but good creamy formula. This was two coats.

Jessica Witchy Wisteria
Witchy Wisteria

Witchy Wisteria is a deep purple filled with red/copper shimmer. Ahhh amazing! This is the other one I expected would be a creme. It glows, looks lit-from-within and excellent creamy formula. This is two coats. Expect a comparison soon between this and another very similar one…Zoya Tru!


I was happier with this collection than I expected, despite the two frost shades. I think Rolling Rose, Born 2 Pansy and Witchy Wisteria are very pretty, and I am really pleased with them. Dazed Dahlia is pretty as well but I think a lot of people will already have a similar shade. And unless you loved the 80’s so much you cannot deal with modern finishes, pass on Geranium Gypsy and Hotter Than Hibiscus. ­čśë

Availability: Jessica (coming soon).

Pricing: $7.50.

What do you think about Heavy Petal? Are Rolling Rose and/or Born 2 Pansy colors you would buy?


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Written by Kelly
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