Fortune Cookie Soap The Soap Box

Guess what? Fortune Cookie Soap has a new quarterly subscription box program they are launching called The Soap Box.

I must confess, I have never taken part of any of the other subscription programs out there like Birch Box or the like, but this would be one I would be more likely to be interested in. I am a lot more picky about my makeup and nail product shades than yummy body and bath items!

The Soap Box will be offered four times a year, and each box will contain 7-8 brand new mini-sized products, two weeks before they are available online. You will also receive a $10.00 coupon (emailed to you) after you subscribe to the program. Also shipping is free!

The spring version will be available starting tomorrow, and only 100 are available. After that a wait-list will start. Your box will ship by the 10th of the month and should arrive 5-10 business days after it ships. You can cancel at any time.

So let’s unwrap this baby together shall we?

Fortune Cookie Soap The Soap Box 2

It’s all wrapped nice and snug in layers of tissue with a sticker holding it all together.

Fortune Cookie Soap The Soap Box 3

Open the tissue up and you will find a information sheet letting you know what everything is inside.

Fortune Cookie Soap The Soap Box 4

Here we have it! In this box there are eight items and a cute little flower.

Fortune Cookie Soap The Soap Box 5

The products for the spring Soap Box include:

  • 2 oz packet of Milk Bath in Sweet Tart Martini scent
  • Mini-size Gelato Fizzy in Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
  • 2 oz packet of Bubbling Bath Crystals in Berried Treasure, a new fragrance
  • 1 oz OCD Hand Sanitizer in Justin’s HARD Lemonade
  • 1 full size Fortune Cookie Soap in Spring Break in Cancun scent
  • 1 oz Luxurious Body Wash in the new scent, Wake Me Up Before You Mango
  • 1 oz Whipped Cream in Hawaiian Ice
  • 1 oz Lotion in Granny Panties

Fortune Cookie Soap The Soap Box 6

OCD Hand Sanitizer in Justin’s HARD Lemonade has a fantastic hardcore lemon scent. Not a synthetic or weird one, but really great and fresh. It contains tiny glitter particles which are left on your hands after you use it, but tend to fall off pretty quickly.

Wake Me Up Before You Mango Body Wash is a new scent for them. It’s super fruity and mango-esque. Yum.

Granny Panties Lotion may have a weird name but MAN it smells so freaking delicious! The scent is of Sweet Pea. And trust me when I say it doesn’t smell like old granny panties, haha! It’s nicely moisturizing, not greasy at all, and when I use it I am constantly sniffing my hands.

Fortune Cookie Soap The Soap Box 12

Bubbling Bath Crystals in Berried Treasure is also a new scent. These little crystals dissipate after adding the to water and create a light foaming action.

Sweet Tart Martini Milk Bath comes in a powder form and you only need a little added to a bath to make the water smell really great and your skin soft. The smell of this one is also one of my new favs, completely addicting. Smells just like Sweet Tart candies, and I nearly snorted some up sniffing the bag. Not kidding. 😉

Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream Hawaiian Ice

Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream Hawaiian Ice 2

Ok if you have read any of my Fortune Cookie Soap reviews in the past, you know their Whipped Creams are my favorite products from them. I think I have five or six of them now. They are so incredibly thick, luxurious and moisturizing. Hawaiian Ice is an amazing pineapple scent. It smells JUST like Hawaii to me. Dead on. I want to eat it, but the lid tells me not to.

Sidenote: I bought the In The Loop Whipped Cream recently and if you haven’t tried it, you MUST. It smells exactly like Fruit Loops. I don’t know how they get their scents so completely exact, but they do more than any company I have ever *smelled* before. 🙂

Fortune Cookie Soap Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Gelato Fizzy

Fortune Cookie Soap Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Gelato Fizzy 2

The Gelato Fizzy in Yellow Polka Dot Bikini is almost too cute to use. It looks like a little scoop of ice cream. Lemon ice cream with poppy seeds or something. The scent is a light lemon-bar one, really delicious once again. I have yet to use this little beauty and I almost can’t bear the thought of crumbling it up. But I must.

Fortune Cookie Soap Spring Break in Cancun

And finally we have a full size Fortune Cookie Soap in the scent Spring Break in Cancun, which is a fresh smelling scent. It’s light, not overpowering, and clean smelling.


I think this is a great idea. I truly adore and use their products daily, and this is the kind of subscription I would be apt to purchase. For me makeup and nail subscription boxes are SO hit or miss. The colors could be something you would never wear, or you could wind up with a brand you don’t like (a non-cruelty-free brand maybe). For a bath and body junkie like myself, this is something I would be a lot more comfortable with. But if you don’t love (or are allergic to) fruity and various scents, I could see how this might not work for you.

Availability: You can find more information and/or place your order here starting March 1st.

Pricing: The pricing for every 3 months is: $19.99 (for US), $28.00 (for Canada) or $34.00 (Overseas).

Have you ever subscribed to any of the beauty boxes? What are your thoughts on something like this?


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Written by Kelly
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