If you haven’t yet heard by now, you have been living under the largest rock on the planet. 😉 China Glaze Capitol Colours is their latest 12-piece collection for spring, and of course, is a tribute to the upcoming movie The Hunger Games, which is based on a series of best-selling books from Suzanne Collins. The movie comes out in March ( I will be there with bells on!)

Let me say, if you have not read the three books in the series (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay) RUN to the store and get them! I read them about a year ago and aside from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, these are some of the best books I have read in years and years. Yes they are technically “young adult” but are not written in a juvenile or off-putting way for an adult. They are nothing at all like the Twilight series (which I get asked a lot). The story grabs you, sucks you in and is totally amazing. I died a little when I finished them, they were that good.

This collection of polishes includes twelve new colors with a variety of finishes. I did have a few issues with the formula of some of them, more on that below.

Dress Me Up, Fast Track, Hook and Line

Agro, Foie Gras, Stone Cold

Mahogany Magic, Harvest Moon, Riveting

Luxe And Lush, Smoke and Ashes, Electrify

China Glaze Dress Me Up
Dress Me Up

Dress Me Up is a warm brown/pink nude creme. A little on the thick side and kind of gloopy this one was. This was two coats.

China Glaze Fast Track
Fast Track

Fast Track is a beige base with greenish/yellow shimmer. This is a really unique color, I can’t think of anything else like it. Strange but I like it. It was a little sheer and I needed three coats.

China Glaze Hook and Line
Hook and Line

Hook and Line is a frosty grey silver. My least favorite one. I do not like the finish at all and think the color is kinda boring. It was really thick, and super hard to get even, as you can tell from the mega-streaks. Two coats.

China Glaze Foie Gras
Foie Gras

Fois Gras is a dark brown taupe creme. Now we’re talking! This is so deep and rich and cool-toned. Love it. I did need three coats to get complete coverage because I was getting some bald spots.

China Glaze Luxe and Lush
Luxe and Lush (over Foie Gras)

Luxe and Lush is an irregular shaped iridescent glitter that is mostly yellow, gold and orange. Looks like shards of glass and I like it. This is just one coat of it.

China Glaze Mahogany Magic
Mahogany Magic

Mahogany Magic is a medium, warm chocolate-y brown creme. You know me, I love my brown polishes and this is really a nice one. Looks like a melted chocolate bar. This was three coats.

China Glaze Agro

Agro is a medium green shimmer. Most of the shimmer is yellow and orange. It’s super rich and really a gorgeous green. This polish was really thick but not hard to work with, and I got nearly complete coverage in one coat, but I used two.

China Glaze Stone Cold
Stone Cold

Stone Cold is a charcoal grey matte with silver shimmer. I wasn’t expecting a matte! It reminds me a lot of Orly Iron Butterfly. It’s a beautiful soft looking matte, and super opaque in nearly one coat, but I used two.

China Glaze Stone Cold with Top Coat
Stone Cold with a top coat

China Glaze Riveting

Riveting is a bright fiery orange with heavy yellow shimmer. Wow! This one is so bright, saturated and amazing. It’s the kind of color you put on and cannot stop looking at (it’s riveting, haha). I love it. This was two coats and on the thick side.

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes
Smoke and Ashes

Smoke and Ashes is a really dark blackened blue with green and blue shimmer. I had a hard time getting this captured correctly because it’s SO dark and the shimmer is also subtle. Nearly black but not quite. This was two coats.

China Glaze Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is a gorgeous deep copper metallic. Ugh what’s to say, copper is my favorite kind of metal color and this one is so pretty. This was two coats.

China Glaze Elecrify

Electrify is a gold and red glitter. With three coats you get nearly complete nail coverage with it.


There are some here I definitely liked more than others. For me the ones to get would be Fast Track, Foie Gras, Mahogany Magic, Agro, Stone Cold (unless you have Orly Iron Butterfly), Riveting and Harvest Moon.

Availability: Officially in stores in early March.

Ok now that you have seen Capitol Colours, what do you think? Which are your must haves? Have you read the series and did you love it as much as I did?


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Written by Kelly
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