Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio for Green Eyes Swatches & Review

Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio

That might be the longest title for a post I have done yet!

Physicians Formula has some new liners in their Shimmer Strips collection called Kohl Kajal Eyeliner. They come in sets of three and are available for brown, blue, green and hazel eyes.

The set for green eyes stood out to me even though my eyes are dark blue/grey because I am drawn towards green and purple.

This set includes a shimmery green, shimmery purple and black with green shimmer.

Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio 2

Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio 3

As you can see the pencils are short with a really long pointed tip. They do not twist up, there is no more liner than what you actually see. So eventually, once that part is gone, the pencil is used up basically.

These Kohl Kajal liners are meant to be worn in the inner eye rim safely. They are hypoallergenic, dermatologist approved, safe for sensitive eyes, gluten free and safe for contact lens wearers. They also claim to have 100% waterproof wear.

Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio Swatches

Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio Swatches 2
(Taken with flash so you can see shimmer)

When I swatched them on my hand they actually weren’t quite as pigmented or dark as I expected. I always think of kohl liners as extremely soft, dark and saturated. That’s not to say they didn’t have decent payoff, just not what I imagined they would be.

The green is a medium grass green with subtle shimmer.

The purple is a royal purple shimmer. This was the least pigmented one.

The black one is pretty dark and has green shimmer. The tip of mine came broken I discovered, so that was a bummer.

They are prone to cracking and breaking off,  so the tip breaking is probably a common issue people will have. There is no way of sharpening them either, so eventually the tip will wear off and you’ll be left with a thicker liner.

As far as wear…not great. I wore the black one and as soon as it went onto my inner eye rim, it irritated my eye. Pretty much 100% of the time if I put anything there with any shimmer whatsoever it gets irritated and this was no exception. It only lasted about 45-60 minutes before wearing off a lot and getting smeary. Not good.


Not sold. I wound up liking the way these looked in the package more than the formula or wear.

Availability: Ulta, Rite Aid, CVS.

Pricing: $10.99.

Have you seen these yet? Interested or no?



  • January 21, 2012

    nice purple

  • January 21, 2012

    I had such high hopes for these as I love the shimmer strips automatic eyeliners (just not for the waterlines though; nothing seems to stay for long on my waterlines!). Good to know I won’t need to waste $$$ on these. Thanks for the head’s up! :)
    Carmela´s last post…Color Club Shabby Drab reminds us why cremes will always stay in style.My Profile

  • January 21, 2012

    What a letdown! I was so excited when I saw your post on FB because I just saw these in my People Stylewatch mag last night. I would never have thought that that pointy tip was all there was to these liners. On the flipside, maybe these will get clearanced soon :)
    Tina B´s last post…This Year is Off to a Great StartMy Profile

  • January 21, 2012

    I was about to buy a pack of these, but I couldn’t understand the intended way to apply. The tip looks so fat- how can you draw a fine line? And I was also wondering how I would sharpen them! I’m glad I passed- thanks for trying them out!

    • January 21, 2012

      I’m with you, Aneela! These looked really cool, but then when I read Kelly’s review, it seems like they’re not as great as expected.

      The colours look nice, but how would you get a fine line? And is that really all the product you get? If the tip breaks off, you can’t sharpen it? Seems like a bad design.

      It’s going to be a pass for me, too.
      Swatch And Learn´s last post…Nail Art Tutorial: Tuxedo NailsMy Profile

  • January 21, 2012

    That tip makes no sense to me whatsoever. Who’d want a tip like that, not to mention it makes the packaging look deceiving because it makes you think there’d be more in there? Bah.

  • January 21, 2012

    These are kind of expensive for what you get. I can get more kajal from a real kajal stick made in India. :(
    Chris´s last post…MAC Satin Taupe & Wet n Wild Nutty Swatches and ComparisonMy Profile

  • January 21, 2012

    I don’t like shimmery liners. And that point looks awful to me because it seems hard to get a fine line… After knowing that point is all they’ve got I would definately not waste my money on them. Nice advice.

  • January 21, 2012

    I had the same exact reaction to these only in the set for brown eyes. You can see my full review on my site. For kajal liners, they’re not pigmented enough and the tip on my brown one snapped right off. Needless to say, I returned mine to the store for a refund. I was super disappointed cause they looked so cool in the package.
    Amanda´s last post…Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation ReviewMy Profile

  • January 21, 2012
    Valerie C.

    Thanks for the review. I won’t be buying…..a friend recommended the new Estee Lauder ones. I love this type of liner, just have to find the right one :)

    • January 22, 2012

      Hi Valerie C.,

      I am in the process of reviewing the EL ones and I can say, they aren’t great either. The blue one wore off my waterline within 1 hour and the rest smeared and wore off within 2-3 hours…

  • January 21, 2012

    What an odd design, seems really wasteful! Nice colours though, it’s a shame.

  • January 21, 2012

    Phooey! I also had high hopes for these. I was excited when I saw your pictures. Will be skipping these for sure. I have a Kajal liner shaped like these. There’s a slide mechanism so that I can get more product out. The tip hasn’t broken.

  • January 21, 2012

    Sorry that you didn’t like them. I having been really eager to buy these and I am so glad I held off. Because I figure they probably will be the same for me. Thanks Kelly for the review

  • January 21, 2012

    Great review that is going to save me some money. I had thought about trying these but see there isn’t any reason to get it.

    Thanks, Kelly!
    Kimberly´s last post…Not Just An Everyday Blue Shade of PolishMy Profile

  • January 21, 2012

    I’m like you, Kelly- I stay away from anything with glitter or shimmer for my waterline. Waaaayyy too irritating.
    Actually, my overall experience with any Kohl eyeliners has been primarily dismal, what with having super oily skin and all. Lancome did one years ago that worked for me, but I’ve moved on. Now, gimme UD Perversion anyday!

  • January 21, 2012

    Wow, that is the worst eyeliner packaging I’ve ever seen.
    Becky´s last post…NOTD – Girly Glitter!My Profile

  • January 21, 2012

    This packaging doesn´t make any sense! thanks for your honest review!
    Mara´s last post…Claire´s pink, red & blue glitterMy Profile

  • January 21, 2012

    And I had so much high hopes for these. I’m surprised that it’s so little product and it breaks so easily. Thanks for the review!
    Jessica´s last post…Color me purpleMy Profile

  • January 21, 2012

    I got the hazel set of these because the taupe color from that set is gorgeous. Thanks for this review; I wanted to get the green eyes set. I think maybe the hazel set is more pigmented. I had the same issues with wear except with UDPP underneath. It wore pretty well with that and especially when set with an eyeshadow. I really like the shape because it makes it really easy to get a lovely cat eye. But I agree with you that the packaging is weird. I’m terrified the liners will break off and eventually I will have to apply it with a brush since they can’t be sharpened. I hope they release the taupe as a pencil or something!

  • January 21, 2012

    It’s a copy of the Guerlain kajal kohl and you’re not supposed to use it like a normal eyeliner, you have to slide it on.

    I couldn’t find a video with pencils like this (I only searched for a minute though) but this one shows how to apply the kohl powder and it’s pretty much the same way.

    • January 22, 2012

      Hi LL,

      Yeah I used it how it said to on the box and still wasn’t great. :/

  • January 22, 2012

    Thanks for this review…I noticed that other brands are making these liners now, too. I saw one at Nordstrom from Estee Lauder and one at Ulta from Loreal….I hadn’t seen this one yet…I’m going to skip it now as well.

  • January 22, 2012


    I have a request for you to do more nail posts and less makeup posts…the makeup seems to be taking precedence lately…Can you please go back to “varnish” things. Thanks :-)

    • January 22, 2012

      Hi Tanya,

      I do a mix. When there are new nail collection to review I post them. When there aren’t I do more makeup. Remember this isn’t a nail polish blog this is a makeup blog and has been for 2 years now.

  • January 22, 2012

    Too bad they are awkward to use and don’t last! I was thinking the three colors look gorgeous!
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  • January 22, 2012

    I had the same experience with the Brown eye set I bought. I expected a lot of pigment for kohl kajal eyeliners. And the tip of my brown one snapped right off of mine. I returned mine for my money back.
    Amanda´s last post…Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation ReviewMy Profile

  • January 22, 2012

    I love your blog makeup, nails anything you want because it is your blog. There are plenty of nail blogs out there, there are also plenty of nail blogs that have branched out like yours. To each their own and there are always others people can look at. To ask someone to change their postings on their own blog just seems wrong. You should be able to post whatever you want. Keep on blogging