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a England The Legends Collection Swatches & Review

a England has a new collection out called The Legends that includes seven new colors. I don’t know about you but I am super excited about them!

This collection was inspired by the tale of Saint George and the Dragon.

The colors include:

  • Saint George – Teal holographic
  • Dragon – Green holographic
  • Princess Sabra – Gold holographic
  • Order of the Garter – Royal blue glass fleck
  • Bridal Veil – Black holographic
  • Ascalon – Grey holographic
  • Princess Tears – Lilac/grey holographic

The formula with all of the ones I tried was most excellent. They are buttery, smooth, so easy to apply and perfect in just two coats. They’re very holographic and shiny as well. Just perfection!

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The Lipstick League Weekend Posts

Question of the Week: – What is your most beloved makeup item in your collection, and if someone offered you $100 for it would you sell it to them?

Answer: Possibly my MAC Sinful Serpent nail polish which I got when it came out in the 90’s. I would probably sell for $100 though, nothing I have is worth more than that!

Pink Sith – combines Six Sigma and Eyeshadow? See how she works in the business management strategy when she tells you all about Rouge Bunny Rouge Solstice Halcyon Eyeshadow.

Prime Beauty – revisits her high school crush and discovers Buxom’s new True Hue Blush simultaneously.

Phyrra – shows you a lovely purple look with L’Oreal Perpetual Purple and Fyrinnae Cuddlefish.

Vampy Varnish – Checks out the bright fun new spring collection from China Glaze called Electropop!

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Posh and Muse Revlon Nail Enamel for Spring 2012 Swatches & Review

Guess who forgot to take bottle photos? 😀

So remember I posted these new Revlon Nail Enamel’s last week and mentioned there was a green that I didn’t get. Well I went elsewhere and found the green as well as another green so I snagged ’em! And thankfully these colors I wound up liking a lot more than the others.

Revlon Muse Nail Enamel

Muse is a medium khaki olive green creme. Its kind of a drab green, which is what I like about it. Muted. Understated. It went on pretty sheer and I was worried it wouldn’t build up into much, but after three coats it was pretty nice!

Revlon Posh Nail Enamel

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Tarte Maracuja Blush & Glow Highlighting Luminizer and Cheek Tint for Spring 2012

Tarte Maracuja Blush  Glow

Ready for some more super cute and cool new spring products from Tarte?

Maracuja Blush & Glow Highlighting Luminizer and Cheek Tints come in three colors and are a two-in-one cheek products. Obviously.

They come in a tube that contains the luminizer inside it, and the cheek tint in a little capsule that screws into the lid.

Sidenote: A few people mentioned recently that my makeup swatches weren’t very good. While that didn’t thrill me to hear, I did take it to heart and am trying to improve the lighting situation and see what works best. It’s tricky because I use a lightbox since my house is extremely dark and outside lighting isn’t reliable. I hope that the swatches below are a bit better (less grey/dark perhaps?) and would like to know your (kind and helpful) thoughts. Also someone mentioned she liked the product photos but wanted to see more swatches. So I broke them each down by color and then did them all together. Hopefully this is helpful!

Tarte Maracuja Blush  Glow 2

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Question of the Week

We have yet again reached the end of the week, hallelujah and congratulations!

Ahhhh, the love of shoes. It’s perhaps the one thing most of us women have in common. Doesn’t matter what “style” you are, shoes seem to be something that nearly every female I have ever met loved.

You could love tennis shoes, or biker boots, or stilettos, or ballet flats or flip flops or wedges. No matter, you still love them.

I think one of the huge reasons why is because your feet don’t really change much after a certain age. You don’t get cellulite or spider veins on your feet. You don’t really get wrinkles or droopy skin there. Your shoe size usually stays pretty much the same, so there is that comfort there. It’s a whole lot easier to try on shoes than jeans or tops or jackets.

So my question is…

What is your favorite type of shoe? Is there a shoe style that defines your personality?

For me, especially in the last couple years, it’s tall boots. Not knee or thigh-high, just a couple inches under the knee. I am a huge boot fanatic and the more zippers/buckles/motorcycle style they have, the better. And I don’t like heels on them. I’m talking flat boots or maybe 1/2 to an inch of a heel. Not spiked style. Straight up tough looking black leather boots that zip up the back with silver buckles on the sides. Yes.