Have you heard? BB Couture has a new spring collection out that features twelve new colors! The regular “women’s” collection is called Girls on Tape and that’s what I’m featuring today.

The shades in Girls on Tape are all named after movies. These six colors are flecked with either small glitter sparkles or have a shimmer finish.

Nearly all of them were just two coats, though they seemed sheer at first. Nice formula, no streaking or weird problems. The one thing I did notice was for the almost all of the glitter ones, the glitter seemed to sink into the color, so it was more in the background hiding rather than up front. I prefer the glitter to sit on top of my polish rather than sink in that much. They are a little rough (not bad though) so you’ll need a nice top coat. But you knew that already didn’t you? 😉

BB Couture African Queen
African Queen

African Queen is a medium mellowed out green with silver and blue shimmer. This is named after the movie The African Queen featuring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. I love this green color. It’s subdued, not overly bright like a grass green, and buttery smooth. This was two coats.

BB Couture Happy Hooker
Happy Hooker

Happy Hooker is a bright pink/purple with multi-colored small glitter pieces. This one is named after the rather risque book and movie The Happy Hooker (true story of a call girl). This is a bright fun color and two coats.

BB Couture Gidget

Gidget is a muted medium brown/pink with multi-colored glitter. The glitter is more sparse in this one than Happy Hooker. This is named after the popular surfing movie Gidget, of course! This was three coats.

BB Couture Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is a raspberry pink/red with multi-colored glitter. This is named after the hugely successful (and I never understood why) movie Pretty Woman. This was two coats.

BB Couture Carrie

Carrie is a deep, dark, shimmery navy blue with light blue and pink shimmer. Hubba hubba. Carrie is named after the awesome Stephen King book and movie. I am partial to this one not only because I am a HUGE Stephen King fan, but also this color is just so rich and pretty. This was two coats.

BB Couture Black Widow
Black Widow

Black Widow is a very dark and vampy purple with mostly red glitter. This is DARK. Almost black but not quite. This is named after the crime thriller Black Widow starring Debra Winger. This was two coats.


I’ll be honest. I didn’t love some of these. The pink/reds just didn’t interest me much. My favorites were African Queen and Carrie. I prefer the shimmery ones to the glittery ones in this collection.

Availability: Coming soon on BB Couture and available now on Overall Beauty.

Pricing: $9.95 each.

How are you feeling about Girls on Tape? Anything here you are excited to see in person?


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Written by Kelly
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