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Weekly Macro Vol. 2

Pure Ice Cheatin.

BB Couture Girls on Tape Collection for Spring 2012 Swatches & Review

Have you heard? BB Couture has a new spring collection out that features twelve new colors! The regular “women’s” collection is called Girls on Tape and that’s what I’m featuring today.

The shades in Girls on Tape are all named after movies. These six colors are flecked with either small glitter sparkles or have a shimmer finish.

Nearly all of them were just two coats, though they seemed sheer at first. Nice formula, no streaking or weird problems. The one thing I did notice was for the almost all of the glitter ones, the glitter seemed to sink into the color, so it was more in the background hiding rather than up front. I prefer the glitter to sit on top of my polish rather than sink in that much. They are a little rough (not bad though) so you’ll need a nice top coat. But you knew that already didn’t you? 😉

BB Couture African Queen

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Common Blog Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Rookie Mistakes

It happens to all of us. We’re innocently checking out some new blogs then blam-o! We’re hit with flashing banners, or loud music or an indecipherable cursive font. Wait, what decade am I in? Is this 1999?

If you have a blog or are considering starting one, there are some definite do’s and dont’s you should be aware of. I made a few of these “don’t” mistakes when I was starting out also, so don’t feel bad if you’ve committed any of them. We don’t start off knowing everything, we learn along the way! :)


There are a million different ready-to-go blog themes out there for the various blog platforms, which is great. However you probably should customize it somewhat if you chose one of them. You don’t want a blog that looks exactly like hundreds of other blogs. If you can afford to have someone customize a personal design (or logo) for you, or maybe just tweak a design you like, it’s definitely money well spent!

Distracting backgrounds

It’s fine to have some kind of background pattern or texture for your blog. And by this I mean outside the main column where you write. Never put a background pattern underneath the main column. Subtlety is KEY here people. No colorful stars, no flashing anything, no neon cats. You get the idea, Subtle, subtle, subtle.

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Wet n Wild Color Icon Shimmer Singles for Spring 2012 Swatches & Review

Wet n Wild Coloricon Shimmer Singles

Wet n Wild has eight new Color Icon Shimmer Single Eyeshadows out and they are pretty goshdarn amazing.

Most of these shadows are shimmery (hence the name) but two have a matte texture. All have great payoff and are really nice colors.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Shimmer Singles Panther and Trashed

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Just a Little Something I’m Spray Painting…

In case you hadn’t heard (on Twitter) I am working on a complete home office overhaul, and am re-purposing a bunch of things. One item I found was this cast iron frog with a crown. I found it at Goodwill for 9 bucks! This baby is gonna get a fresh coat (or three) of paint and feel like a new man…or frog…