Happy New Year to those on the east coast where it just turned 2012 (and other countries)!

Ittttt’ssss heeeeerrrrreeeeee! Zoya’s spring 2012 collection called True.

This collection is comprised of six fresh new spring-like colors in both a creme and shimmery form. There are some real “can’t take your eyes off them” colors in this collection, let me tell ya!

Oh and this is just one of their new goodies for spring. Check out my next post also. 🙂

Cho, Farah, Bevin

Skylar, Tru, Lotus

Zoya Cho

Cho is a warm vanilla/nude color with slight silvery pink shimmer. The shimmer is fairly subtle, but it’s definitely there. This almost borders on a very light camel color on me in certain lighting, which I like. It’s not too matchy matchy with my skin tone. It was a little streaky at first and I needed three coats for full coverage.

Zoya Farah

Farah is a beige creme. This one is cool toned and has more of a greyish undertone. Good formula with this one, no streaks and fully covered in two coats.

Zoya Bevin

Bevin is a light sage green creme. It’s a cool toned greyed out green. Muted. Very nice color, I really love it and don’t have a lot of sage greens in my collection yet. This was great coverage and just two coats.

Zoya Skylar

Skylar is a slate blue with tons of silver shimmer. The blue is a muted, greyed out gorgeous blue and I love the shimmer! Creamy and fabulous but on the thinner side so I used three coats.

Zoya Tru

Tru is a vivid yet deep purple with loads of red and gold shimmer. Oh. My. God. I am completely in love with this color. Not only is the base color gorgeous, but the shimmer colors make it totally glow. This is definitely my fav! Great formula and just two coats.

Zoya Lotus

Lotus is a lotus purple base with tons of pink shimmer. The base purple is a muted greyed out tone and it works so nicely with the shimmer. This is my second favorite one, it’s so pretty and also has that glowy look. This was two coats.


Nice spring collection! The colors definitely make me angsty for spring again. I think the last four are definitely the must haves, but if you can only get one or two I would suggest Tru (for sure) and either Bevin or Lotus.

Availability: January 13th on Zoya’s site.

Pricing: $8.00 each.

Soooooooo what do you think about the True collection?


Written by Kelly
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