You guys, Christmas is in two days! How did this happen so quickly?

I have baked my cookies and today or tomorrow will be making some fudge and either pecan bars or cake pops as well as wrapping, wrapping, wrapping presents. That is my least favorite thing to do for Christmas by the way. I am a terrible wrapper! I have no understanding of how people (like Mr. VV, who I would swear was a professional wrapper in some other life) get such crisp perfect lines. I just kinda crumple the sides down and tape ’em! 🙂

I don’t expect many people to be online today or over the weekend so really I have no question today. I just wanted to wish all of you who I won’t be chatting with over the next few days a very Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great day celebrating with family and/or friends and get all kinds of shiny, colorful goodies!


Written by Kelly
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