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Hello and TGIF!

The photo above was taken by me last year around Christmas. It was my first attempt at “holiday bokeh”. I am totally obsessed with bokeh, I absolutely love it, and plan on trying a lot more this year when I get my tree up (this weekend)!

So how was your week? Mine was good, glad it’s over, as usual. Living for the weekend, that’s my motto. ­čśë

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

I always wind up waking up super early Christmas morning and we open stockings and presents usually before the sun is even up! The inner kid in me still gets excited. :)

Have a great day!


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  • December 9, 2011

    We have a lot of slightly different traditions. As an English tradtition, not only do we do stockings, but we hang pillowcases at the end of our beds. I used to lock the door and think AHA now Santa can’t get it, let’s see what happens. EVERY time my mum snuck in undetected, even with the door locked lol. We also do crackers at Christmas dinner, the ones where you pull both ends and there is a toy, whistle, crown, and note inside. Then we all wear the crowns, trade toys, and whistle Christmas songs lol!!
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  • December 9, 2011

    My tradition that never gets old is to watch The Christmas Story over and over and over again on TBS :)
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  • December 9, 2011

    The Great Annual Christmas Day Veg A Thon. We do our hoop-la on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day is a day for quiet family togetherness, just the three of us. We stay in our jammies, sleep in, open presents, chow down on whatever is around, watch movies and make a really yummy Christmas dinner. ­čśÇ
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  • December 9, 2011

    We usually have the entire family together on the evening of the 24th and enjoy a nice potluck dinner. The adults will do a few games (Pictionary and Cranium are fast faves) to pass the time while the kids are made to nap. Promptly at midnight, we wake the kids and open our presents (plus a lot of midnight snacking and drinking in between all this)! Then we just veg out on the 25th or go on impromptu long driving trips. ­čśÇ
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  • December 9, 2011

    Simbang Gabii, which is Tagalog for Night Mass. It’s actually a misnomer as the masses are at dawn, 4:30am in the Philippines, 5:30am here at our parish in California. The masses start on Dec 16 and go daily until Christmas Eve, 9 days. We sing beautiful songs and there’s free breakfast after! Everyone gets to hang out, drink coffee, have yummy international food (Filipino, Vietnamese, Mexican) as well as good ol’bacon and eggs and wish each other a great day before going off to work or school. It is a lovely way to start the day and the Christmas season (even beats Black Friday/Cyber Monday! Lol)

  • December 9, 2011

    I bake my own special Xmas cookies. I like to work alone, because I get to shape every one with love. :) I then wrap them up and mail them to my friends as gifts.
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  • December 9, 2011

    First, the baking. There are certain things we only make/get around Christmas, so that’s always exciting. Then we go to the Christmas Eve service at our church. The whole place lights candles and sings carols together and then various people play/sing songs. Christmas day is chill and we have dinner.
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  • December 9, 2011

    Since adulthood, I haven’t established any traditions. But this year, for the second year, I will be spending Christmas at my brother’s and his family along with my Dad and sister coming in too. I look forward to this all year!

    I love bokeh too. I’m attempted to learn to do it on purpose instead of just having it happen by accident. :)
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  • December 10, 2011

    Our family takes turns hosting Christmas between four houses every year, but it’s always the same group of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents for a feast that lasts the entire afternoon and evening. We have a huge potluck dinner around 1pm, then do our White Elephant gift exchange and open other other gifts. There’s always a cake for my sister, whose birthday is Christmas Day, and after that it’s eat-as-you-have-room and mingling until people head home around 8pm ^__^ The benefits of having a huge Ukrainian family is that you’ll never be along or hungry on Christmas!

    If I still lived in the same town as my parents, I’d also participate in the traditional Ukrainian Christmas dinner at our church, and caroling the week before :)