Laura Mercier Lux Colour Portfolio

Just in time for the holidays comes the Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Portfolio! This might be a great gift for that person on your list who likes “the nice things” in life, if you have the $$ to spare that is…

This “portfolio” comes in a sturdy case wrapped with faux snakeskin and a magnetic clasp. Inside you will find six eye colours (in matte, sateen, luster and sequin finishes and 0.05 oz), three tightline cake eye liners (0.04 oz), two blushes (0.12 oz) and three small makeup brushes.

Laura Mercier Lux Colour Portfolio 2

Laura Mercier Lux Colour Portfolio 3

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Laura Mercier Lux Colour Portfolio 5

Laura Mercier Lux Colour Portfolio 6
Ponytail, Crease, Flat

Laura Mercier Lux Colour Portfolio 7

The brushes that are included are small sized, but not too small. They include a Pony Tail brush, which has a soft pointed shape. A Crease brush with a domed shape and a synthetic Flat Eye Liner brush, which is great for the cake liners. The Pony Tail and Crease brushes feel soft and nice, not cheaply made.

Laura Mercier Lux Colour Portfolio Eyeshadow Swatches
Primrose, African Violet, Merlot, Truffle, Topaz, Stellar

Primrose is a pale yellowish pink with a golden pearl.
African Violet is a violet color with coppery shimmer. Almost duo-chromatic and super pretty!
Merlot is a deep rich burgundy with slight shimmer. Super pigmented and gorgeous.
Truffle is a dark chocolate matte. Extremely opaque and amazing.
Topaz is a mauve taupe with slight pearl effect.
Stellar is a pale champagne with shimmer. Perfect highlighter color.

All of these shadows felt soft to the touch, blended easily and were nicely pigmented. I really love African Violet, Merlot and Truffle! I did a look with African Violet and Merlot on Thanksgiving and they were the perfect colors for the day!

Laura Mercier Lux Colour Portfolio Blush Swatches
Rose Petal, City Pink

Rose Petal is a bright petal pink color with a matte finish. Pretty, pigmented and very flattering.
City Pink is a bright fuchsia pink with shimmer. This one felt slightly more pigmented and less chalky, however it’s bright and packs a powerful punch. I had to tone it down when I first applied it!

Laura Mercier Lux Colour Portfolio Liner Swatches
Ground Espresso, Black Ebony, Burgundy Wine

Ground Espresso is a deep, cool, brown liner.
Black Ebony is a dark black liner.
Burgundy Wine is a wine colored liner.

These cake liners definitely work best when used wet. When used dry you barely get any color showing up. I found these to be a bit patchy though and not that easy to work with. I’m not so sure about the burgundy color either, it looks a little red to me for the eye area.


I like this collection, but especially the eye shadows and blushes. Great texture, colors, finishes and pigmentation. This is an expensive set though, and I’m just not sure that it’s worth the price for me for just the six shadows and two blushes I liked.

Availability: Sephora, Laura Mercier.

Pricing: $98.00 (a $229.00 value).

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Written by Kelly
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