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The Lipstick League Weekend Posts

Question of the Week:  If you could eliminate one thing from your morning beauty routine, so that you never had to do it again, what would it be?

Answer: HAIR! I have to section out and blow dry my hair (then usually flatiron) every morning. I loathe doing it but I have to every day because my hair is so fine and limp.

Vampy Varnish – Don’t read this review of Fortune Cookie Soap Holiday Goodies! if you are hungry!

we heart this – screams “toe pick!” And you understand that reference you may want to check out the MAC Glitter and Ice collection.

Beauty Junkies Unite – Check out the review and swatches of the Urban Decay Mariposa Palette, it’s an affordable alternative to some of their pricier palettes! Continue reading »

Stila Limited Edition Beach Palettes for Summer 2011

Stila Beach Palettes

Better late than never?

I bought all the limited edition Stila Beach Palettes but never got around to getting the photos all edited and posted. So I figured I would just show you a couple of my favorite photos of the outsides. :)

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Zoya Neeka vs. BB Couture Michael vs. Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine H.

Zoya Neeka vs BB Couture Michael vs RBL Catherine H

I took these pictures way back in the beginning of summer and am just now getting to this post!

This was a reader request of a few colors for a vs. post. Today we are pitting Zoya Neeka, BB Couture Michael and Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine H. against each other.

RBL Catherine H. is kind of the oddball here since it’s obviously pretty different from the other two but I included it anyway.

Zoya Neeka vs BB Couture Michael vs RBL Catherine H 2

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Lush Snowcake Soap for Holiday 2011 Review

Lush Snowcake

Do you love the smell of the now discontinued Smitten lotion from Lush? If so you might like the smell of their Snowcake Soap for this holiday. It’s AMAZING.

This soap smells just like sweet almonds and marzipan. Good enough to eat. It immediately makes me regret not buying 12 back-up tubs of Smitten. Sidenote: LUSH PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

Lush Snowcake 2

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Question of the Week

Hello and happy Friday!

Can you believe Thanksgiving (in the US) is Thursday already? I am feeling really unprepared for this entire holiday season right now. I can’t even begin to think about Christmas shopping…

What is your favorite thing to eat or make for Thanksgiving? Continue reading »