Misa Surreal Escape for winter 2011 is a collection of six new colors, half being duochromes and the other half being shimmers.

From the bottle shots I was immediately excited to see these in person because I am a huge fan of Misa and haven’t been all that thrilled with their past few collections. This seemed like the old cool Misa coming back, which makes me a happy camper.

Let’s take a further look. Also let me apologize in advance for how short my nails are. I had a break on my left hand so I had to cut them all off. Boo!

Misa Grey Matters
Grey Matters

Grey Matters is a light silvery grey base with dark grey and silver shimmer speckles. What’s unique about this polish is that it’s not so much shimmery as it kind of speckled looking. I love that! The formula was really great with this one, really even smooth coverage, and perfect in two coats.

Misa Spaced Out
Spaced Out

Spaced Out is a deeper cooler grey than Grey Matters, and also has silver and dark grey shimmer. Super cool I love this color.

Misa Shields Up
Shields Up

Shields Up is a muted lavender/green/grey duochrome. Really a multichrome. It also has tiny silver glitter specks in it. I actually like this one in the bottle more than on me. The formula is pretty sheer and it took three coats but my nail tips aren’t covered still.

Misa Phazers On Stunning
Phazers On Stunning

Phazers On Stunning is a metallic green/yellow/reddish brown multichrome with tiny silver glitter. I liked this one a lot more than Shields Up. Love the green color to begin with and love the duochrome effect also. This one was more opaque, though I still used three coats.

Misa The Great Green Whatsit
The Great Green Whatsit

The Great Green Whatsit is a blue/green duochrome that shows a lot of purple in the bottle, but none on the nail. That was a little disappointing. It also has the small silver glitter in it. It’s a little frosty for my liking and a little streaky as well. This was three coats.

Misa Beyond Infinity
Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity is a muted slate grey/blue with silver shimmer. There is no duochrome or speckles with this one, just shimmer. I actually liked this one a lot and more than any of the duochromes here. I love the base color on me and it was creamy and easy to apply. No streaking and covered in two coats.


I am really happy to see Misa back to doing some cool colors again. For me the duochromes were the least interesting of the six colors though. I preferred the shimmery speckled ones best.

Availability: Misa’s website

Pricing: $7.50

What do you think about Surreal Escape?


Written by Kelly
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