When the original Footloose movie came out, I was 11 years old. I saw it in theaters and LOVED IT. It’s one of those iconic movies for me that I still totally adore to this day, and always have to watch when I pass by it on TV. Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, Chris Penn, John Lithgow, Sarah Jessica Parker and Dianne Wiest were irreplaceable in their parts. And still are as far as I’m concerned.

But there’s this pesky remake that just came out and I am not a fan. I am not a fan of 99.9% of any movie remakes from my childhood. However, I AM a huge fan of the Deborah Lippmann Footloose Collection on HSN!

This collection is sold in two sets, each with two colors, and exclusively on HSN.

Deborah Lippmann Almost Paradise
Almost Paradise

Almost Paradise is a gorgeous pistachio green creme. It’s not lime, it’s not mint, it’s perfectly pistachio and utterly amazing. I had every expectation that this would be chalky and streaky when I first saw it but the opposite was true. It’s not at all chalky and while you see some slight streaks when applying, they even out quickly and disappear. It’s very opaque as well, I only used two coats. This is my favorite one for sure!

The color inspiration for this was the Volkswagen Beetle color, which is in both the original and remake.

Deborah Lippmann Let s Hear It For The Boy
Let’s Hear It For The Boy

Let’s Hear It For The Boy is a baby blue pastel creme. This is another one I expected to be streaky and chalky but turned out to be creamy and gorgeous. Love this color blue! I only needed two coats for this.

This color was inspired by the acid wash jeans from the 80’s era.

Deborah Lippmann Footloose

Footloose is a bright classic red sheer creme. It is classified as a “sheer creme” according to Lippmann, so I didn’t expect it to be super opaque. It’s amazingly easy and nice to apply, and very shiny. It was nearly opaque after just two coats, so it’s not really that sheer.

This color was inspired by Ariel’s iconic red cowboy boots in the remake.

Deborah Lippmann Dancing In The Sheets
Dancing In The Sheets

Dancing In The Sheets is a deep shimmery purple with loads of blue shimmer. It’s a blurple. It’s a really nice dark shimmery shade, but I feel I have a couple similar to this. The formula was amazing again though, very easy to apply, creamy and opaque in two coats.

This color was inspired by the prom celebration after the dancing ban was lifted.


Great collection! I am really impressed with Almost Paradise and Let’s Hear It For The Boy, but all the colors are great in their own right.

Availability: HSN and HSN.com

Pricing: $32.00 per set (the sets are sold as Almost Paradise & Footloose and Let’s Hear It For The Boy & Dancing In The Sheets)

What do you think about these colors? What are your thoughts about the remake of this movie?


Written by Kelly
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