Welcome to the second half of the new BB Couture Sinfully Polished collection for fall 2011.

Usually for me the “For Men” half is the one I gravitate towards, but this time it’s pretty much equal. There are some really amazing, cool colors in this half.

The formula was as great with these as the others. A couple were a little thinner and needed three coats instead of two, but other than that, they’re perfect!

BB Couture Greed

“Greed is good” to quote Gordon Gekko. Sorry 😉 Greed is a medium pink/plum based taupe creme. Very flattering pretty color! This was on the thin side so I used three coats.

BB Couture Gluttony

Gluttony is a pink/lavender base with silver and light blue glitter. The glitter is subtle but still noticeable and makes it more interesting than just a creme. Really, really pretty feminine, soft color. This was also three coats.

BB Couture Lust

Lust is a medium pumpkin colored orange creme. I actually had to adjust the color of this photo in Photoshop because it was coming out way more red than it is. This is the true color. I like it a lot, especially for fall! This was two coats.

BB Couture Anger

Anger is a lavender that looks almost cornflower blue in some lighting. It has light blue and silver shimmer. Utterly gorgeous, buttery and wonderful. I love this color so much words cannot tell you. Sigh. This was two coats.

BB Couture Envy

Envy is a deep murky green with loads of red and gold shimmer. It’s dark and shimmery and I love it! This was two coats.

BB Couture Pride

Pride is a dark smoky purple with multi-colored shimmer. I like this because it’s super smoky looking, with blackened edges but still obviously purple. Love the shimmer. This was two coats.

BB Couture Sloth

Sloth is a warm chocolate brown with tons of gold and red shimmer. Now that might sound a lot like Selfish from the men’s collection yesterday but I compared them and they are different browns. Selfish is a much cooler toned brown and the shimmer isn’t as bright as this one. This is also just gorgeous though and might be my favorite one here. This was two coats.


BB Couture did it again! This collection is fabulous and every bit as good as the other half. I can’t remember the last time a collection of 14 polishes impressed me this much!

Availability: Coming soon to BB Couture’s site and OverallBeauty.

Pricing: $9.95 each.

SOOOOOOO, now that you have seen them all, what do you think? Which colors do you NEED?


Written by Kelly
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