Ready for the holidays? No? Well here it is anyway in the form of Zoya Gems & Jewels Collection for holiday 2011! 😀

This collection features three new metallic colors with coordinating glittery glazes. The fun part is you can mix and match to your hearts content.

The metallic colors are really nice and you get complete full coverage in just two coats. The glazes are a little less opaque since they don’t have a base color, but they are really jam-packed with colored glitter and holographic bar glitter.

Izzy, Kissy

Zoya Izzy from Gems & Jewels

Izzy is a really pretty metallic pink. It glows and applies like butter!

Zoya Kissy from Gems & Jewels

Kissy is packed with pink glitter and lots of holographic bar glitter. You do get good coverage with this in two coats, which is what I used here.

Zoya Kissy over Izzy from Gems & Jewels
Kissy over Izzy

I like them best when combined together because you get maximum base color and loads of sparkle!

Kissy Macro

Noel, Twila

Zoya Noel from Gems & Jewels

Noel is an icy blue medium metallic. Again great coverage in just two coats.

Zoya Twila from Gems & Jewels

Twila is packed with blue glitter and holo bar glitter that mostly looks blue and green to the eye. This was two coats.

Zoya Twila over Noel from Gems & Jewels
Twila over Noel

Again I like the combination of this one, but perhaps not as much as the other two colors for some reason.

Twila Macro

Holly, Rina

Zoya Holly from Gems & Jewels

Holly is a GORGEOUS metallic emerald green. Just completely glowing and perfect in two coats.

Zoya Rina from Gems & Jewels

Rina has loads of green glitter and holo bar glitter. This was two coats and pretty good coverage.

Zoya Rina over Holly from Gems & Jewels
Rina over Holly

This is my favorite combination. I just love Holly and that’s probably why I like this the best.

Rina Macro


Fun collection I think. I really like Izzy and Holly by themselves, really pretty saturated colors. I think the glitter glazes are a fun way to do something different for the holidays. I normally am not a fan of bar glitter but I like it better when it’s holographic!

Availability: September 15th

Pricing: $8.00 each

Ok folks I want to hear from you! What do you think about Gems & Jewels? Will you be picking any of these beauties up?


Written by Kelly
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