Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers 2011

Every year come Halloween time, Wet n Wild puts out their Fantasy Makers goodies.

I always look forward to seeing them because I am a huge Halloween fan (though I rarely dress up) and I always love the gravestone shaped nail polishes!

Fantasy Maker Glitter Palette Rising Star
Glitter Palette in Rising Star

Fantasy Maker Glitter Palette Rising Star 2
Glitter Palette in Rising Star

Fantasy Makers Rising Star Swatches
Left to right in a row

Two of the colors in this palette are the same and they are the outer edge deep green and white.

I found most of these to feel fairly gritty and not the greatest texture and payoff BUT let’s remember this is for Halloween, it’s not a high-end palette!

Fantasy Makers Rising Star Swatches 2

Fantasy Makers Black Magic
Black Magic

Fantasy Makers Black Magic 2
Black Magic

Wet n Wild Black Magic
Black Magic

Black Magic is a deep black color but has a lot of copper and multi-colored glitter. The main glitter color is copper and I think it’s pretty cool because it’s a little unusual. It did apply on the sheer and watery side, but after three coats looks great!

Fantasy Makers Glitter eyeliner

Fantasy Makers Glitter Eyeliner 2

Fantasy Makers Glitter Eyeliner Swatches
Cryptic, Magical, Mystical

The glitter liners are a fun thing in the Fantasy Makers collection and can definitely be used all year round.

Cryptic is a silver glitter in a clear base.

Magical is a blue and green glitter in a clear base.

Mystical is a multi-colored glitter in a purple base. I like the one the best because I love a colored base with glittery liners.

Fantasy Makers Lipstick

Fantasy Makers Lipstick 2
Geisha’s Kiss, Black

Fantasy Makers Lipstick Swatches
Geisha’s Kiss, Black

Geisha’s Kiss is a bright cherry red with very slight red shimmer. This is a pretty nice lipstick, it felt smooth and easy to apply, and was pretty opaque.

Black is a somewhat grayish black lipstick. This isn’t a solid jet black, a little patchy, but good for Halloween.

Fantasy Makers Glitter Gel

Fantasy Makers Glitter Gel 2

Glitter Gel in Mysterious is basically multi-colored glitter suspended in a clear gel. It can be used for a fairy costume, or princess, or whatever kind of look you are going for really!

Fantasy Makers Confetti

Glitz Confetti is a holographic loose glitter in a tiny little bottle. Again this can be used to create any kind of glittery look you’re going for, but I find Mysterious is easier and less messy to use since it’s suspended in the gel, and there isn’t any fallout.

Fantasy Makers Glitter Gel and Confetti Swatches
Mysterious, Glitz

And there you have it! Ready for Halloween? Any plans on costumes yet?


Written by Kelly
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