RGB has a new fall 2011 collection out with three new decidedly autumn-esque looking nail colors.

  • Camp – medium mossy green creme
  • Seal – deep shimmery brown
  • Vert – super dark forest green jelly

RGB is cruelty-free, big-three free and made in the US.

RGB Camp

Camp is a kind of oddball greyed out mossy green color. I think the name is spot on because it totally does remind me of camping when I was a kid. Camping equipment has a lot of greens like this. Anyway the color was great but the formula was a little weird for me. The bottle itself had a lot of darker swirls of color in it and it looked like it needed to be shaken up. But even when I shook the hell out of the bottle the streaks were there. Sadly that also translated onto the nail, you can see darker streaks. Really strange! I still love the color though and will be wearing it for sure. It covered completely in two coats.

RGB Seal

Seal is a really interesting color. It’s a cool deep brown with a lot of silver, kind of frosty shimmer. Frosty and yet really cool  I think. I like it because it’s really dark, it’s brown (I love brown nail polish) and it’s a weird color. Don’t think I have anything quite like this one. I guess it kind of does look like a brown seal because they have this sort of silvery shine to their pelt in certain lighting! The formula was a little bit streaky when I applied it but not too bad. It dried fairly even though, and was two coats.

RGB Vert

Vert is a very dark, almost blackened forest green jelly. If you missed out on NARS Zulu and can’t get Nfu Oh 569 (my comparisons here), this may be a good substitute! Vert has that look to it where it almost looks black in low lighting but there is a hint of the green always. It is really sheer and jelly-like at first but builds up evenly and perfect after three coats. Shiny!


Nice little collection. I really love Camp and Seal the best even though Camp’s formula was a little odd. Vert is pretty but I do have a couple deep greens that are super similar.

Availability: RGB’s website or check the list of stockists by state or country

Pricing: $16.00

What do we think of Camp, Seal & Vert? Have you tried anything from RGB yet?


Written by Kelly
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