What is your favorite cuticle remover and how do you use it?


Until a couple months ago, I hadn’t really used a cuticle remover for a couple years. The “go to” one for a lot of people is the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, but I never really liked it much, plus they aren’t cruelty-free anyways. So what I normally did was push them back after a shower when they were softened, rather than use a product.

But then I heard about the Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover from The Swatchaholic and read an article that Michele from Lacquerized did about it and decided to bite the bullet. The stuff is magic! At least for me. It’s a thin runny looking white substance and you put it all over your cuticles kind of thick then push them back right away with an orange stick or the like.

I read various suggestions from people on how to use it. Some people said leave it on for 3-5 minutes then push back and others said no, push back right away. When I initially tried leaving it on for 3 minutes it really didn’t work. It felt like the product kind of sank into my cuticles and dried. But then I put it on and pushed them back right away, and magically my cuticles pushed back very easily. When I use it I apply it to just three nails at a time so it doesn’t have a chance to start drying before I can push my cuticles back. Now for me, I can’t just push them back then wash my hands and be done with it. I have to then trim the excess because I have A LOT of growth in that area. If I didn’t trim it off basically I would have lumps of dead skin all over my fingers and yeah, that’s not gonna work. 😉

As far as maintenance, if I truly wanted to keep my cuticles looking perfect, I would have to use it every 3-4 days. Yes that is how fast my cuticles grow. It drives me NUTS! But I usually do it once every 7-10 days. I believe once a week is pretty standard for usage of the product.

I bought the Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover from here, which is where I buy all my Nfu Oh products. The price is $11.50.

What do you use to remove your cuticles?


Written by Kelly
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