Night Breed vs Goth vs Knight s Armor

Welcome to another edition of vs.!

The face off today features three similar colors. All are black with silver glitter, but how closely do they really compare?

The Heavyweight: NARS Night Breed is the newest of the three colors and the most expensive and possibly coveted.
The Middleweight: Nubar Knight’s Armor is from spring of 2010 and not too expensive but not super cheap either.
The Lightweight: Orly Goth is the oldest of the three. She’s also the least expensive and the most easily found.

In the bottles they look pretty similar. All are black with heavy silver glitter. You can tell from looking at the bottles that Night Breed and Knight’s Armor look like they have heavier more prolific glitter than Goth. In Goth you see a lot of the silver kind of sits there not looking very well dispersed.

Night Breed vs Goth vs Knight s Armor 2
Orly Goth, NARS Night Breed, Nubar Knight’s Armor

Night Breed vs Goth vs Knight s Armor 3
Nubar Knight’s Armor (pointer), NARS Night Breed (middle), Orly Goth (ring)

Knight’s Armor is a thin almost watery grayish black base with very, very heavy small silver square glitter. The base of this one is the lightest, though the glitter is definitely the heaviest. Subtle she aint! It almost looks like clumped glitter because there is so much of it. You will probably need three coats to get the base completely opaque.

Night Breed is a jet black base with tiny different sized silver glitter bits. The glitter in this one looks like it settles a little more into the black whereas Knight’s Armor sits more on top. You would think that Knight’s Armor would be chunky feeling and this one smooth, however the opposite is true. The base of this one is truly a dark black and you almost only need one coat, but I used two.

Goth is also a very dark black with silver micro-glitter. This base is as black as Night Breed (much darker than Knight’s Armor) but there is a lot less glitter here. This reminds me of the night sky with just little silvery bits placed in the black but it’s not dominant. The black is more obvious here than the silver. Of the three this one dries the smoothest. This one covers perfectly in two coats.

Night Breed vs Goth vs Knight s Armor 4
Orly Goth (ring), NARS Night Breed (middle), Nubar Knight’s Armor (pointer)

The Verdict:

There is definitely a difference between all three of these polishes. Knight’s Armor is the more glittery and obvious one with the lightest base. Night Breed is kind of a happy medium and Goth is more of a jet black with a hint of glitter.

The Winner:

Really it just depends on what mood I am in. If you want a very obvious glitter I would say Knight’s Armor is your best best. If you want a black polish with just a little something else then Goth might be a good choice. If you feel like forking over the dough for Night Breed, which is a great jet black with medium glitter, then it’s a great one too. If I had to choose between owning only one of these I would choose Night Breed because it’s kind of down the middle. BUT my very close second would be Goth. Knight’s Armor is a little much for me for most days.

Which of these do you prefer?


Written by Kelly
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