“Taking a lead from the colour-coded specialties of the Wittenberg Platz’s domineering Boots Girls, Illamasqua introduces confident new shades in Taint, Kink,Vice and Faux Pas.”

I have NO idea what that means, but I love the sound of it! 🙂

Theatre of the Nameless is the new fall 2011 makeup collection from Illamasqua and as usual, they have put out some incredible colors as well as amazing artistic makeup looks, all done by Alex Box.

The collection features 4 new nail varnish colors all with what they call a waxy “rubber-look” finish. I heard “rubber”and I was SUPER excited to test them out in person! Turns out they really aren’t rubber-like in my eyes, but more waxy or satin-like. NOT matte at all, though so don’t worry about that.

The other cool thing about this collection is the rubber cap, which is a departure from the regular shiny, slick cap. I love it!

Illamasqua Faux Pas
Faux Pas

Faux Pas is a blue-toned violet. This color is deep, gorgeous and applies and dries so amazingly even it’s pretty awesome! Doesn’t it look a little waxy to you? This was so opaque you could almost do one coat, but I did two.

Illamasqua Taint

Taint (I’m sure I am going to get some interesting hits on my site from this name) is a medium chocolate brown. This is my favorite one because I adore the tone of this brown and LOVE the formula. Again this was super opaque and dries to a great satin finish. Weirdly and interestingly I notice this line down each of my nails in the photos that I didn’t see in person.  I have no clue what caused this! The “Taint” ghost?

Illamasqua Kink

Kink is a medium bottle-green color. This is the one I thought I would like the most but liked the least actually. But I still like it. I think it could have used three coats rather than the two I did because it’s not as opaque as the others. I also think the other two have a slightly more waxy/satin look to them than this one did.


Great collection! If you like satin type finishes, you may like these. I’m not sure the colors are all that unique, but I love the color combined with the texture, and think they’re really cool looking.

Availability: Their website, Sephora

Pricing: $14.00

What do ya think?

Speaking of British things…

I rented the Jane Eyre movie that came out earlier this year the other night and loved it. I am such a sucker for ANY period movie, but especially English ones. I would totally live with Mr. Rochester in a castle on the English Moors, crazy attic woman and all. As long as I had internet access 😉

But really, this was my first ever time seeing Jane Eyre (I haven’t read it either. I know, I know, what kind of English degree holding person AM I?) but now I want to see other versions. Have you seen any? Which were your favs?


Written by Kelly
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