Glitter Gal is an Australian brand which previously was hard for US folks to get their paws on. But now, there is a new US stockist! Actually there are two, but more on that below.

I reviewed a few of their older colors here but today I’ve got some more of their 3D Holographic colors and a Sparkle Holographic color.

The Glitter Gal polishes come in small bottles, at just 0.3 oz but man do they ever pack a holographic punch!

Glitter Gal Light as a Feather
Light As A Feather

Light As A Feather is a really pretty soft silvery white with a really nice holographic flash. I would call this one a medium-strong holo. I wasn’t too thrilled with how thick the polish seemed at first, I thought it was going to be very patchy and uneven, but after three coats it was perfect.

Glitter Gal Light as a Feath Holo 2
Light As A Feather

Glitter Gal Green Holo

Green is a greenish/silver holo that has MAJOR holographic-ness to it! This was stunning! The base looks more silver than green to my eye most of the time, but you do get flashes of green depending on the lighting and how you move your hand. This might be the most holographic polish I own, or at least in the top 3 or 4. So amazing. The polish was thinner and easier to apply than Light As A Feather and covered completely in two coats.

Glitter Gall Green Holo 2

Glitter Gal Frappe Holo

Frappe is a medium pink holo. This has a pretty strong holo effect to it also, but maybe not as much as Green. Still really gorgeous! This also was thin and easy to apply and I only needed two coats.

Glitter Gal Frappe Holo 2

Glitter Gal Deep Green Sparkle
Deep Green

Deep Green is the only “Sparkle Holo” here but it’s amazingly gorgeous. The base color is a very dark, blackened murky green and there are regular and holographic glitter pieces inside. It’s uber glittery sparkly and had a mild to medium holographic-ness to it. Gorgeous and just two coats!

Glitter Gall Deep Green Sparkle 2
Deep Green


Fabulous. I love holograhic polish so much more than glitter and these are all really great ones. I think for me my favorites are Light As A Feather, Green and Deep Green.

Availability: As mentioned you can get these two places now in the US. Here and here.

Pricing: $14-14.95 (these ARE expensive for the amount you get!)

What do we think about these colors? Yea or nay?


Written by Kelly
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