Glitter Gal Sparkle  3D Holo

More 3D Holo and Sparkle nail polish from Glitter Gal!

All of these have a really nice formula. They are smooth, even and flow like butter. They all cover in two coats perfectly.

But first, let’s check out this incredible close-up of Lizard Belly I caught with my new camera (Canon 7D) and macro lens (Canon EF 100 mm f/2.8 Macro USM)! I don’t even know what I’m doing yet but I am loving it so far. 🙂

Glitter Gal Lizard Belly Bottle

A virtual rainbow of delight!

Glitter Gal White Gold Sparkle
White Gold Sparkle

White Gold Sparkle is a pale cool toned gold with gold and holographic glitter. Loving this one because I adore this gold color on me. It’s what I always classify as a “C3PO” gold. 😉

Glitter Gal Bronze
Bronze Sparkle

Bronze Sparkle is a bronze toned base with bronze and holographic glitter. Fabulous color! I love it because it’s deep and I adore metal colors.

Glitter Gal Fuchsia Sparkle
Fuchsia Sparkle

Fuchsia Sparkle is a medium pink toned color with pink and holograhic glitter. I don’t love this color personally on me, but that’s just my “thing”. Never have been a big fan of this type of pink color, but it’s a great formula and holo effect like the others still.

Glitter Gal Red
Red Sparkle

Red Sparkle is a bright classic red with red and holographic glitter. Super red, super awesome!

Glitter Gal Lizard Belly
Lizard Belly 3D Holo

Lizard Belly 3D Holo is basically, in a word, insane. If you only get one thing ever from Glitter Gal, this should be it. It’s a deep green/black base with seriously amazing rainbow colored holographic-ness! It’s SUPER holographic and amazing. Just gorgeous.

Glitter Gal Black Sparkle
Black Sparkle

Black Sparkle is a jet black base with silver and holographic glitter. This is one of the more subdued colors in terms of how holographic the glitter looks, but it’s still obviously holographic and really a cool-ass color.

Availability: Here and here in the US or here in Australia

Pricing: $14.00 for 0.3 oz. Yes these are pretty darn expensive for the size, so keep that in mind when choosing which you can’t live without!

Which of these tempt your tummy? 😉


Written by Kelly
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