ELF Cream Eyeliner

ELF Cream Eyeliners kind of rock!

I am pretty new to these liners and after the Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Cream Liner I loved so much dried out very soon after opening it (I retract loving it that much now and updated the post), I wanted to try these since I heard so much about them. So far so good!

They come in eleven colors, with three brand spanking new ones I haven’t even seen in stores yet which are: Teal Tease, Golden and Punk Purple.

Initially I bought Plum Purple and Midnight and had been planning on reviewing for awhile. I never got around to it yet, then bought four more colors. So I complied them all into this one post.

ELF Cream Eyeliner 2
Clockwise: Metallic Olive, Coffee, Black, Gunmetal

ELF Cream Eyeliner 3
Plum Purple, Midnight

ELF Cream Eyeliner 4

They do come with a little synthetic angled brush which I don’t love and actually toss. I prefer a totally different type of brush when applying cream liners.

ELF Cream Eyeliner Swatches
Metallic Olive, Coffee, Black, Gunmetal

Metallic Olive is a medium metallic olive color. It’s really nicely opaque and you know me and olive green! 😉

Coffee is a medium brown with slight reddish base. This one wasn’t quite as opaque as I would want, a little patchy.

Black is a nice deep creamy black. It’s not as black perhaps as the Wet n Wild one, but it’s not all dried out after opening it either!

Gunmetal is a really nice silvery grey metallic. Creamy as hell.

ELF Cream Eyeliner Swatches 2
Plum Purple, Midnight

Plum Purple is a deep slightly shimmery plum purple color. Very pretty and looks amazing on blue eyes.

Midnight is a very dark navy blue color.


Well worth the $3.00 price tag! I think these are really great creamy liners and I have had two of them opened for 5-6 weeks now, and they are not at all dried up or hardened. I will definitely be looking out for the three new colors also!

Availability: I found mine at Target

Pricing: $3.00 each

What do you think about these? Any colors you like?


Written by Kelly
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