Look what beauties just arrived at my doorstep this afternoon!

Yes we now have two more amazing collections to drool over from BB Couture this fall. The collection is called Sinfully Polished and as usual there is a “For Men” side and a regular side. Normally there are six colors in each collection but this time we get seven!

These are seriously to die for colors. I am really blown away by both how amazing and unique the colors are and the formula. Buttery. Smooth. Creamy. Opaque. Perfection are the words that all come to mind when describing the formula. Nearly all were just two coats.

BB Couture Lazy Bum
Lazy Bum

Lazy Bum (love the name) is a kind of hard to describe color. It’s a raisin brown with a taupe-y mauve look. It’s also got silver, green, red and black glitter inside giving it a fabulous shimmer. Utterly gorgeous and not like anything else I have. Super flattering color for my skin tone also. Love this one! I used three coats with this one for maximum coverage.

Lazy Bum Macro

BB Couture Jealousy

Jealousy is a medium grey/purple base with gold, silver, green and black glitter and a pink/purple overall shimmer. AMAZING! Hard to describe but it’s a really unique color and my favorite one! Two coats.

Jealousy Macro

BB Couture Indulgent

Indulgent is a medium shimmery muted purple with heavy blue and pink shimmer. What makes this one different from other colors similar is the base purple has a sort greyed out tone to it. I totally love it, came out so pretty on my nails! Two coats.

BB Couture Enraged

Enraged is a medium blue metallic with silver, green and pink shimmer. In the bottle it almost looks duochrome-ish but it’s not apparent on the nail much. Two coats.

BB Couture Selfish

Selfish is a deep chocolate brown with heavy gold shimmer and larger red glitter. WOW. I love the addition of red in this, it’s what makes it totally unique and interesting. You know me and glowing browns, I love ’em, and this is my second favorite one. Two coats.

Selfish Macro

BB Couture Egotistical

Egotistical is a deep royal purple with blue and pink shimmer. This has a very blackened look to the edges but doesn’t look black by any means in low lighting. This is the only one I feel I have others very similar to, if not dupes. Still gorgeous and great formula! Two coats.

BB Couture Desire

Desire is a bright burnt looking red with heavy gold shimmer and red glitter. Trust me when I say this looks more impressive in person than my photos. You can really see the gold in it and it’s really pretty! Two coats.

Desire Macro


Amazing collection! I really, truly love these colors and I love that most of them are so unique and fun. I think the addition of not so common glitter colors like black and red in “regular” or “weird” colors is what makes BB Couture stand out from other brands. They take risks that larger more established companies won’t take, and it nearly always pays off in my book.

Availability: Coming soon to BB Couture’s site and Overallbeauty

Pricing: $9.95 each

SO party people, what do you think about these BB colors? Drooling over any in particular?

Stay tuned for the second half of Sinfully Polished soon!


Written by Kelly
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