As you might have heard, Urban Decay released some new 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners that come in eleven shades.

The two that popped out to me the most and looked the least like other liners I already owned were El Dorado (gold) and Woodstock (pink).

These liners have a really nice tip that makes it easy to draw a thin or thicker line. They move easily along your lashline and are soft and pliable.

Do they last? Oh yes, they are nicely water resistant!

Woodstock, El Dorado

Woodstock is a bright hot pink with iridescent shimmer. I definitely don’t have another pink liner and when I saw this one, I KNEW I couldn’t resist it. I have yet to actually play around with it on my eye though. I think one way to wear it without looking like you have pink-eye would be to first apply black liner, then a thin layer of pink right up next to the black. Gives you a pop of color without that weird sickly look.

El Dorado is a gold with gold shimmer. This is ridiculously pretty! LOVE gold liners, you can easily wear this one without looking strange.

Both are very saturated, super sparkly and easy to apply.

Availability: Sephora

Pricing: $18.00

Would you wear either of these colors?


Written by Kelly
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