L.A. Girl has a line out of nail polish called Glitter Addict.

Glitter Addict polishes come in 16 different colors and contain various shapes and sizes of glitter. The ones I tried were large hexagonal, small round and micro-glitter pieces.

These come in a clear base, so ideally layering them over another color is probably the best look. I swatched them on their own so you can see how jam packed with glitter they actually are.


Inspire is a rose-gold color and my favorite of the three I tried. You don’t often see rose-gold anything, so this is kind of unique I think. There is A LOT of glitter in these polishes. Sparse they are not. They are thick though and can be hard to work with. You will want to wait in-between all coats for awhile lest you wipe off the glitter from the base as you layer on another coat.


Nostalgic is a blue glitter with holographic micro-glitter. I think this one would look really cool layered actually. I like that they added the holo glitter.


Animate is a classic red glitter. Reminds me of Christmas!


I always prefer to wear clear-based glitters over another color because I don’t like them on their own. All of these ones did contain a ton of glitter in them, which is great. They are a pain in the rear to remove though. The micro-glitter especially want to get all over the place.

Availability: Their website or where ever L.A. Girl is sold

Pricing: $4.00

What do we think of these?


Written by Kelly
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