Hello! Here we are with part two of the Color Club Back to Boho fall 2011 collection.

Most of the colors today I like better than the previous post (except Nouveau Vintage). I also found that the formula was better with most of these as well. Still a little sheer with some of them but they built up decently.

Color Club Rad Nomad
Rad Nomad

Rad Nomad is a deep smokey grey/purple/taupe creme. It’s along the same lines as Zoya Kelly or Misa Office-Polishtics, but not the same at all. This has more of a brown color to it and those are more purple/blue. It’s like a dark moth brown. Whatever that means. At first I was VERY disappointed because it was super sheer. I didn’t imagine after three coats it would be this color and this opaque. I really love it!

Color Club  Voodoo You Do
Voodoo You Do

Voodoo You Do is a medium deep evergreen/grey metallic shimmer. This has a frosty look to it but not too bad. Considering the frost it wasn’t that streaky, which was nice. Nice color and three coats.

Color Club Artsy Crafty
Artsy Crafty

Artsy Crafty is a dark military green creme. Reminds me of a blackboard. I know I have said that before, but this color always makes me associate with blackboards or pool table felt ­čÖé I really like this green, though I’m not sure it’s unlike anything else out there. This started off a little sheer so it needs three coats for opacity.

Color Club Rebel Spirit
Rebel Spirit

Rebel Spirit is a very dark chocolate brown creme. So dark it pretty much looks black, but not quite. I love it actually. I am a huge fan of brown nail polish and I think this one is deep and shiny. This was three coats.

Color Club Red ical Gypsy
Red-cial Gypsy

Red-ical Gypsy is a shiny blood red creme. Very pretty actually! This reminds me of a classic 1950’s red. It needed three coats to get it completely even.

Color Club Blue topia

Blue-topia is a super dark inky blue creme. Hmm. In theory I like this color. It is very dark but doesn’t look black. What I didn’t love was it’s really hard to get the color even all over your nail because the first coat (or two) is so bright. So as you can see around the edges of my nails, it’s not totally even. This was three coats.


Well I can safely say I liked most of these colors much better than the other six I showed the other day. I still think Nouveau Vintage is the star of the collection and wish more had been like that. The ones here I think are worth getting are Rad Nomad, Artsy Craftsy and if you like dark brown cremes, Rebel Spirit.

Availability: September 2011

What do you about these ones compared to the others?


Written by Kelly
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