Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner

“Paging MAC Blacktrack, paging MAC Blacktrack, you have a serious competitor!”

I have been a fan of MAC Blacktrack for years now. It’s the #1 gel/creme liner I use. I rarely even bother checking other black ones out I like it so much. That is until Wet n Wild sent me their Mega Eyes Creme Liner to try.

This creme liner comes in the colors Black and Eggplant and it’s waterproof.

It comes in a UFO shaped container, which is kind of an added bonus for a nerd like me ;D. It also comes with a little brush for application. I don’t really think much of the brush though. I normally don’t like using angled brushes to apply my liner. I have a very small, thin synthetic one from Sephora that has THE perfect stiffness/giveness to apply creme liners. In fact that reminds me I must review it for you guys it’s that good.

ANYWAY moving on – – this liner is extra, extra, extra black and creamy. So fabulous.

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner 2

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner 3

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner Swatch

I mean isn’t that BLACK? Jet black. Black as the night. Black as coal. Black as my heart. Ok enough, you get the point. 🙂

It’s dark and extremely pigmented. It’s creamy as hell too, spreads out so easily and dries nicely.

I have worn this a few times on my upper and lower waterlines and it stays on REALLY well. Hours and hours without tearing off, which always happens eventually with any liner for me. But it lasts longer on my waterlines than Blacktrack for sure. In fact it stays on SO well that it can be a bit tricky to remove. I use the Almay Liquid Makeup Remover (the one you have to shake up to mix) and it works pretty well.


This is a huge hit for me for sure. I can honestly say I don’t feel any need to buy Blacktrack again. Not to mention that one is $15.00 for 0.1 oz whereas this is $2.99 for 0.3 oz. HELLO!

UPDATE on September 12, 2011: I retract loving this liner as much as I thought I did. Sadly, only a couple weeks after opening it, it dried up and shrank back from the sides of the container. It’s no longer as easy to work with and not as creamy. Disappointing to say the least!

Availability: Drugstores

Pricing: $2.99

What is your favorite gel or creme liner? Have you tried this one yet?


Written by Kelly
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