Wet n Wild’s newest nail color collection is called Mermaid’s Cove.Β It features eight new shimmery and glittery colors all inspired by the sea.

I have heard this collection can be tricky to find in certain areas, so forgive me if you have been lusting after it and cannot find it!

The formula varied quite a bit with these so I’ll talk about that further under each photo.

Wet n Wild Magic Trident
Magic Trident

Magic Trident is a bright tangerine orange with yellow flash. I know we have been seeing a lot of these tangerine orange’s with yellow, but I cannot help it, I love them all so much!

This was really creamy and applied like butter. No streaks, no issues and perfect in just two coats. Love!

Wet n Wild Diving For Pearls
Diving For Pearls

Diving For Pearls is a medium teal-green with green and silvery shimmer. Love the name, LOVE the color. So pretty and very mermaid-esque.

The formula on this one was also outstanding, no problems. This was just two coats.

Wet n Wild Ocean Grotto
Ocean Grotto

Ocean Grotto is a celadon green glitter. The base is light green and the super heavy micro-glitter seems to also be green and yellow. I was pleased that there was actually a base color, I prefer my glitters with that. Really cool!

The formula was pretty good with this one, though even after three coats you can see my nail line.

Wet n Wild Waves Of Enchantment
Waves Of Enchantment

Waves Of Enchantment is a warm coral pink color with heavy pink and gold shimmer. This is a really gorgeous color and I don’t have a lot of other colors that are similar. It totally reminds me of a colorful piece of coral you might find in the water of a tropical island. πŸ™‚

The formula was a little thick with this one, but really I didn’t have any problems with it. I think it needed three coats for complete coverage.

Wet n Wild Sea Witch
Sea Witch

Sea Witch is a deep royal purple/red with heavy blue and pink shimmer. Ugh, what’s NOT to love here? It’s shimmery, glowing and totally gorgeous.

The formula was great with this, super easy to work with and covered in two coats.

Wet n Wild Stream Of Wonder
Stream Of Wonder

Stream Of Wonder is a medium blue almost frosty looking color with blue shimmer. I’ll be honest, I don’t love this color for some reason. I feel I have it a few times over and it’s just kind of middle of the road for me personally.

The formula was good, but I used just two coats here and probably should have used another to cover my nail lines a bit more.

Wet n Wild Sea Of Dreams
Sea Of Dreams

Sea Of Dreams is a pink/purple/mauve color with pink and blue shimmer. Hmm. Once again I don’t love this on myself personally, but it’s still pretty.

This is the one I had the most formula problems with. It definitely pooled quite a bit if you tried applying another coat too quickly or made too thick of a coat. I also had some issues getting the tips covered even with three coats.

Wet n Wild Atlantis

Atlantis is a pink and silver glitter suspended in a light pink base. The glitter is small but there is a lot of it. I would have liked the base color to be darker so that my whole nail was covered with color, but it’s a fairly sheer pink. I would most likely use this over another color rather than on it’s own, but I love the color of the pink glitter. It’s almost a rose-gold color.

As far as formula it’s thick and a little hard to get even if you don’t wait in-between coats a bit. It wants to pool so watch out!


I really like this collection. It’s got some really unique great colors and overall, the formulas were pretty good. The ones I was the most impressed with were Sea Witch, Magic Trident, Diving For Pearls and Waves Of Enchantment.

Availability: In stores now but hard to find!

Pricing: $1.79-$2.00

What do you think about these?


Written by Kelly
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