The SpaRitual Wilde nail collection for fall 2011 was inspired by the book Women Who Run with the Wolves. Yep you heard it right, this collection is all about wild women and nature. I can get down with that and I am definitely down with these colors!

The colors in this collection are deep, shimmery and jewel-toned. They glow. They are SO autumn-y and full of depth.

SpaRitual’s formula is usually really great and these keep in that tradition. Despite the fact that there are some frosty metallics here, there wasn’t much streaking. Only one color required more than two coats.



SpaRitual Sacred Ground
Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground is a deep grey with purple and gold sparkles. But it’s SO much more than that. This is a color unlike any other nail polish I own. The base is a very smokey grey and there is so much purple and gold shimmer that you almost can’t see it. But you can. The gold is the more prevalent color of the shimmer (and larger bits) but you still see the purple throughout. It reminds me a bit of Mardi Gras because the gold and purple but it’s really, really beautiful. I feel in love the second I applied it and it might be my favorite fall nail color that I’ve seen yet!

The formula was especially buttery and amazing also, it applied so nicely. I used two coats here.

Sacred Ground

SpaRitual Instinct

Instinct is a deep royal purple with brighter blue and pink shimmer. The base is a purple/red. Yep, we have seen tons of purples this color from other brands, but for me it never gets old. I think of the other brands with colors similar this might be one of the brighter versions.

This one was a little more sheer than the rest of the collection and was the only one that required three coats.

SpaRitual Running With Wolves
Running With Wolves

Running With Wolves is a super rich copper color. It glows! I really don’t think I have any color like this one either – you don’t often see a rich copper polish like this. I think it’s really unique and quite pretty. Perfect for the fall season.

This was two coats.

SpaRitual Rhythm Of Life
Rhythm Of Life

Rhythm Of Life is a slightly frosty emerald green color. In the bottle this one looked to be a little darker and richer to me than it wound up being on the nail. It definitely has a frosted look about it, which isn’t my favorite. I like the color but not the finish with it as much.

This was just a little streaky but not too bad and was two coats.

SpaRitual Howl

Howl is a deep golden black. It almost looks like a super dark chocolate brown that’s extremely blackened with tons of gold and pink shimmer. It’s super dark, it glows and it’s really amazing. You have to see this one in person to really appreciate how gorgeous it is. It’s definitely pretty unique looking and my second favorite one here.

This applied really perfectly in two smooth coats.

SpaRitual Spirit Child
Spirit Child

Spirit Child is a bright fire red with tons of gold shimmer. For some reason my camera spazzes out with these kinds of reds so it’s hard to see the gold in this, but it’s there. This is another one that really glows and is really a perfect fall red color.

Great formula this was just two coats.


I’m really loving this collection and think SpaRitual did great! There are some absolute must-haves here and they are Sacred Ground, Howl and Running with Wolves. If you don’t have anything like Instinct I would suggest that one as well. I think the least interesting ones were Rhythm Of Life and Spirit Child.

Availability: September 1st

Pricing: $10.00 each

Ok folks I need to know, what do you think about this collection? Are there any here you MUST get?


Written by Kelly
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