When is a good time to wear purple? ANYTIME! 🙂

Purple is one of my favorite colors to wear on my eyes, nails, lips and clothing so I say there is no “purple” season.

Having said that though I do think some purple lipstick shades fit certain times of years a little better perhaps. Lighter more pinky purples are great for spring & summer whereas really dark vampy ones are great for fall & winter. But really, I wear what I want when I feel like it either way.

Today I am covering my very favorite purple lipsticks from MAC from across the years. One of these is at least 12-15 years old by now (I think it’s my oldest MAC cosmetic)! Sorry but a lot of these have been discontinued at this point, but maybe they’ll bring ’em back one day.

MAC Blooming Lovely Image

MAC Blooming Lovely

Blooming Lovely (Discontinued, LE, Amplified Creme) is a pale lavender mauve color that came out with the Give Me Liberty of London collection awhile back. While it is super pale, it works with my skintone pretty well I think since I am so fair.

MAC Gladiola Image

MAC Gladiola

Gladiola (Discontinued, LE, Amplified Creme) is a bright fuchsia blue-based pink/purple that came out with the Dame Edna collection. This was one of two items I had to get from that collection because for me, it is so perfect. It is pink and purple at the same time so I included it in this post.

MAC Go For It Image

MAC Go For It

Go For It (Discontinued, LE, Cremesheen)  is a medium purple with purple shimmer. This is the one that makes me look a little goth, but I love it anyways! It’s on the more sheer side, but builds up decently.

MAC Play Time Image

MAC Play Time

Play Time (LE but still on their site, Cremesheen)  is a somewhat more recent release that came out with the Quite Cute collection. This is a sheer pinky/lavender shade and really very wearable for a multitude of skin tones. Nice and shiny as well.

MAC So Be Image


So Be (Discontinued, Matte) is the granddaddy of all my lipsticks. This is the one I got way back 12-15 years ago or so when the lipsticks were in the straighter black tubes. But I haven’t gotten rid of it despite it being broken. It’s a really nice deep purple/eggplant color with reddish undertones. I still love it!

MAC Spitfire Image

MAC Spitfire

Spitfire (Discontinued, LE, Satin) came out with the Wonder Woman collection. It’s a medium creamy magenta purple color. This is unlike the other purples I own and it’s also very wearable.

MAC Style Curve Image

MAC Style Curve

Style Curve (Discontinued, LE, Cremesheen) came out with the Stylishly Yours collection. It’s a medium bright violet purple color. Totally gorgeous, I need to start wearing this one a lot!

MAC Up The Amp Image

MAC Up The Amp

Up The Amp (Available Amplified Creme) is a really creamy deep opaque purple. LOVE this color because it’s not overly dark on me, feels really creamy and nice and works with a lot of skintones. It’s a bold look but not too much.

MAC Violetta Image

MAC Violetta

Violetta (Available on Pro site, Amplified Creme) is quite simply, my favorite purple lipstick ever. It’s a medium pinkish violet with a blue/pink flash. It’s bright, bold and so much fun. Totally worth it to get to a MAC Pro store or order on the phone (if you don’t have a membership) for this one!

What are your feelings about purple lipstick?


Written by Kelly
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