MAC Colourizations

MAC Colourizations Double Feature Shadow Compacts are new for fall 2011. They will be availabe as a preview at Nordstrom and The Bay then distributed to all of North America and Internationally in August.

These pre-filled eye shadow duos come in eight different color combos in a sleek black case.

  • Double Feature 1- Bright yellow gold (veluxe pearl) Pinked-up chrome purple (frost)
  • Double Feature 2 – Bright lime (veluxe pearl) Frosty deep grey (frost)
  • Double Feature 3 – Mid-tone teal (matte) Deep chocolate (satin)
  • Double Feature 4 – Deep forest green (veluxe pearl) Mid-tone ochre brown (matte)
  • Double Feature 5 – Pale frosty peach (frost) Drak brown with green pearl (frost)
  • Double Feature 6 – Light grey taupe (matte) Mid-tone bronze (veluxe pearl)
  • Double Feature 7 – Bright fuchsia (frost) Cool black (satin)
  • Double Feature 8 – Mid-tone orange (frost) Deep navy (satin)

The collection also features some Technakohl Liners

  • Graphblack – Right graphic black
  • Photogravure – Soft black with brown undertone
  • Purple Dash – Intense aubergine
  • Auto-de-blu – Amethyst
  • Uniform – Deep khaki green with gold pearl
  • Jade Way – Pure emerald green with frost

MAC Colourizations 2

MAC Colourizations 3

MAC Colourizations 4

MAC Colourizations 5

MAC Colourizations Double Feature 1
Double Feature 1

MAC Colourizations Double Feature 2
Double Feature 2

MAC Colourizations Doulble Feature 4
Double Feature 4

MAC Colourizations Double Feature 5
Double Feature 5

MAC Colourizations Double Feature 6
Double Feature 6

MAC Colourizations Double Feature 8
Double Feature 8

MAC Colourizations Swatch 1 and 2
Double Feature 1 and Double Feature 2

Double Feature 1 is a really great combo of bright yellow and deep eggplant purple. It’s kind of an unexpected combination but I really like it. Both of these shades felt soft and pretty nicely pigmented.

Double Feature 2 is a fabulous bright lime green and a deep purplish-grey with shimmer. Again, another really odd combo, but one I like a lot. The lime green was very pigmented but the grey was slightly less so.

MAC Colourizations Swatch 8 and 4
Double Feature 8 and Double Feature 4

Double Feature 8 is a bright orange and a deep navy blue/purple color. Nice combo, but the shadows weren’t as pigmented with this duo for some reason.

Double Feature 4 is a gorgeous deep green and a medium cork colored brown. The green was really soft and pigmented and surprisingly the brown was decent also. Usually their mattes are much more chalky to the touch, but this one worked well. I’m not so sure about this color combo though!

MAC Colourizations Swatch 5 and 6
Double Feature 5 and Double Feature 6

Double Feature 5 is a very pale pink and a duo-chrome deep brown that flashes green. The pink is ok, nothing to write home about. The brown though is really pigmented and has a really strong flash. Nice!

Double Feature 6 is a light taupe matte, which barely shows up on my skin. It was a little chalky and not very pigmented. The bronze however is really pretty and has good pigmentation. Again I don’t love this color combo, but I love the bronze one.

Availability: Preview at Nordstrom and The Bay then in North America and International in August.

Pricing: $25.00 for eyeshadow duos and $15.00 for the liners.

Will you be picking any of these up?


Written by Kelly
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