Freya Arctic Cleansing Water

According to Freya Scandinavian Skin Science, Scandinavian girls are taught by their mothers to wash their faces with ice cold water several times a day which helps to re-energize skin and increase blood flow.Β  Freya has developed Arctic Cleansing Water to mimic those effects in their gentle antioxidant cleanser.

Now I know I have a lot of Scandinavian woman who read this site so tell me, is this true or just a romanticized rumor? πŸ™‚

This cleanser is a little different than anything I am used to. You actually don’t use it with water and wash it off with a washcloth (my preferred method), rather you put some onto a cloth then wipe all makeup, grime, etc. off and that’s it. No rinsing.

Freya Arctic Cleansing Water 2

Freya Arctic Cleansing Water 3

Freya Arctic Cleansing Water 4

This is purely superficial, but I love the ice blue bottle and how it feels in my hand for some reason.

Freya Arctic Cleansing Water 5

The top is kind of cool also. You just twist it so that little hole opens up and then put it onto a cotton ball or whatever. It makes it nice so you don’t have to completely take the lid off, and you also don’t get too much product out at once.

There are things I like and dislike about the actual product though. I like that it does a really good job of removing makeup and getting my face clean. It even removes stubborn eye makeup well and doesn’t sting my eyes.

However, I cannot get past the whole not washing it off my face thing.

Normally I use Cerave or Cetaphil to cleanse my face. I squeeze some out into my hands, work it into my slightly dampened skin, then wash it off with a washcloth and water. That leaves me feeling squeaky clean, but not dried out.

This is much different because I’m just squeezing into a cloth square and using no water in the process. It feels a little sticky on my face after it dries, and I feel like there is still something there because I haven’t rinsed. A residue perhaps. I suppose there is no harm in rinsing afterwards though. If it didn’t feel sticky-ish I would definitely like it more. I guess when you have been washing your face the same way for 30 years it takes awhile to get used to something different!


I think this is a good cleanser. It feels moisturizing and definitely gets everything off. The price is definitely a lot higher than I am used to paying for a facial cleanser though.

Availability: Their website

Pricing: $45.00 for 6.8 oz

What kind of facial cleanser do you use?


Written by Kelly
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