Revlon has a new small summer nail enamel collection out called Summer Romantics.

Summer Romantics features three new fun summery colors

  • Blue Lagoon
  • Sunshine Sparkle
  • Tangerine

These caught my eye because first of all I love the colors, but also the shimmer in them is what makes them extra special. If they had been just cremes I might not have been as interested.

So the colors themselves are nice, but how is the formula? They aren’t all the same so check out below to see the details.

Blue Lagoon

Revlon Summer Romantics Blue Lagoon Swatch
Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a pale sky blue with silver shimmer. This is a gorgeous blue, one of my favorite kinds of blues in fact. I have heard that this is a dupe for Chanel Riva, but I can tell you it definitely isn’t. Now that we have determined that, let’s talk about the formula. This color was thick, but also very streaky. It was extremely difficult to get an even coat, and even after three (shown here) you can see it’s not totally even. Very disappointing because the color is great.

Sunshine Sparkle

Revlon Summer Romantics Sunshine Sparkle Swatch
Sunshine Sparkle

Sunshine Sparkle is a pale lemon yellow with silver sparkle. This is a gorgeous yellow, perfect for my skintone. However that pesky formula situation rises its head again with this one. If Blue Lagoon was streaky this was EXTRA streaky. But then we already knew that like 99% of all yellows tend to be streaky messes. I had to use three coats for this color as well.


Revlon Summer Romantics Tangerine Swatch

Tangerine is a vivid tangerine orange with yellow sparkle. This color looks amazing in the bottle and on the nail. Sadly for me, from afar it’s way too yellow-y for my skin tone so it’s not so flattering on me. I still love it though. The formula with this was leaps and bounds better than the other two. It was opaque, creamy and even in just two coats. Nice!


I loved all the colors, but the formula for two of them was a PITA!

Availability: Drug stores

Pricing: $3-5 each

What do we think about Summer Romantics? Do you see anything here you would get?


Written by Kelly
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