During the same time I saw the Revlon Summertime Romantics collection, I saw this mini-set of nail enamel. The blue called Waterfall looked identical to Blue Lagoon, and the green looked cool so I decided to pick it up as well.

The set also includes a silvery/holo glitter color, which I was fairly un-interested in. Been there, done that, didn’t even swatch 🙂

Waterfall, Sparkle, Garden

Revlon Waterfall

Waterfall is a pale sky blue with silver shimmer. The formula was streaky and thick. A mess really. Just like Blue Lagoon was. SIGH.

Revlon Garden

Garden is a really fun bright lime green. I am happy to report that the formula was excellent with this one. It was a great consistency, even and covered perfectly in two coats. I think the set was worth it for this color alone. Love this green!

Revlon Blue Lagoon and Waterfall
Blue Lagoon and Waterfall

Here I am wearing Blue Lagoon on two fingers and Waterfall on the other two. Can you guess which is which? Neither can I, I forgot to write it down, haha! BUT I can tell you they are the same exact color (and bad formula).


I think we have determined by now that Waterfall is a great color but has such a bad formula it might not be worth it unless you love Garden, like I do.

Availability: Drugstores

Pricing: $6-7

Whaddya think?


Written by Kelly
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