Queen of

Have you heard of Queen Of…Shaving Gel?

While at Target (as I seem to be every single weekend) I was buying something I needed for once; razor blades. But then out of the corner of my eye, near the regular boring cans of shaving cream I saw a SUPER CUTE tube of something. No wait, TWO super cute tubes of something! I saw the crown, saw the word “Queen” and I was already sold!

Yep, total packaging SUCKER right here.

Queen of…is actually a brand from England (but of course) owned by The King Of Shaves Company Ltd. Who KNEW there was an entire kingdom devoted to shaving? 🙂

So because of the adorable packaging and affordable price ($3.99), I decided to get them both since I was running low on shave gel anyway. And yes, I ONLY use gel not cream because I find it lasts longer and is smoother.

There are two kinds of this gel. One is called Ta-da! and the other is Ooh la la!

Both of them are paraben and perfume free. They both are a low foaming formula and help moisturize your skin after shaving.

Queen of 2

Seriously, who can resist this? Someone made from STONE perhaps.

Queen of 3

Ooh la la! contains Aloe Vera to help sooth your skin.

Queen of 4

Ta-da! contains tea tree oil which is supposed to help refresh dull skin.

Queen of 5

And one of the best things is the company is cruelty-free. As you can see, they prefer animals as pets, not research tools. 🙂

The gel that I normally use and have been using for as long as I can remember is Skintimate Shave Gel. That one has always been a favorite of mine because I love how thick and nice the gel gets, and I like the scents.

This gel is pretty different than Skintimate because you don’t see it foam up. It feels more like a lotion when you put it on, and you can’t really see it once it’s on your skin. So it almost seems as though it wouldn’t work very well. I had this notion that the thicker the foam, the better the shave. But that is nonsense.

It works very well, providing a nice slippery surface for your razor to glide across without catching your skin at all. I get a really nice close shave with this gel, and a little amount goes a long way. My legs feel smooth and nice afterwards!

Availability: Target or you can search their website online

Pricing: $3.99 each

Have you ever seen this product? What shaving product(s) do you usually use?


Written by Kelly
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