Ozotic Multi Chromatic

Ozotic Pro Multi Chromatic Nail Polishes are made in Australia and a brand I never thought I would get my hands on. But I did, and boy did I ever pay the price…shipping that is.

Multi Chromatics come (or came) in six colors including 502 (Sands), 503 (Rainforest-I think now discontinued), 504 (Twilight), 505 (Eclipse), 506 (Reef) & 520 (Molten).

These are nail polishes with not just a duo-chome effect but multi-chrome effect, so you see many different colors running through it as you turn your hand and change lighting.

The ones I have are 503, 504, 505 & 506. Now 504, 505 & 506 almost look exactly the same in the bottles, depending on the way you look at them. But change the direction and you can see the differences.

Ozotic Multi Chromatic 2
503, 504, 505, 506

If you look at the bottles from above, you can now see the differences between 504, 505 & 506 easier.

On their own, these are very thin sheer colors and don’t look like much. The magic happens when you layer them over another color. THEN all the multi-chromatic goodness comes out!

I layered all of these over a black creme so you can see the differences and how amazing they are.

Each of these is one thick coat of black then two coats of color.

Ozotic Multi Chromatic 3
503, 504, 505, 506

Ozotic Multi Chromatic 503
503 (Rainforest)

Ozotic Multi Chromatic 503 2
503 (Rainforest)

As you can see 503 looks very different depending on the way you move. In the bottle it definitely looks green, but you also see a lot of brown/red/copper coming through. It changes from an olive green, to vivid green to brown, to copper/red, etc. It’s just amazing and sadly, I think now discontinued!

Ozotic Multi Chromatic 504
504 (Twilight)

504 is a very deep royal purple that changes to deep blue when you move around. Now over a black, I didn’t notice as much of a multi-chromatic effect with this one. Not sure if it would be more apparent over a purple or blue base or not. Either way it’s definitely not just a straight purple. It’s very vivid and has a great blackened edge.

Ozotic Multi Chromatic 505
505 (Eclipse)

Ozotic Multi Chromatic 505 2
505 (Eclipse)

505 looks like a deep purple/blue in the bottle and changes from a deep green to a dark purple to blue. So pretty!

Ozotic Multi Chromatic 506
506 (Reef)

Ozotic Multi Chromatic 506 2
506 (Reef)

506 also looks like a purple/blue in the bottle. When you put it on it turns into this amazing deep ocean blue and changes to greenish blue and then royal purple. I think this one is my favorite one of them all.


These are so great, especially if you love a multi-chrome effect. You definitely have to layer them over a base color to really get any use out of them, but since you only need two coats, that works fine with me. I love that not only are they multi-chromatic, but they are super shimmery as well. Gorgeous!

Availability: Therein lies the rub. I got these at Picture Polish online which is in Australia. They are easy to order if you live outside Australia, but NOT inexpensive!!!! The shipping was completely outlandish and actually wound up being twice what I thought it would be. So if you have an Aussie connection, I would try getting them that way instead!

Pricing: $13.45 AUD each

What do we think about these multi-chromatics? Have you tried Ozotic yet?


Written by Kelly
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