Mark i mark metallic eyeshadow

This fall mark. is releasing six new metallic eye shadow shades to their I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow collection.

They will be sold in a single pan so you can just pop them easily into their “snap to it” palettes (or a Zpalette) for customizable selection.

The shades:

  • Lava
  • Truffle
  • Gold Luxe
  • Sugar Sugar
  • Jazzy
  • Moonshine

These shadows claim to be long-wearing, highly pigmented and easy to blend. Let’s investigate further!

Mark i mark metallic eyeshadow 2
Sugar Sugar, Truffle, Lava

Mark i mark metallic eyeshadow Sugar Sugar
Sugar Sugar

Mark i mark metallic eyeshadow Truffle

Mark i mark metallic eyeshadow Lava

Mark i mark metallic eyeshadow Swatches
Sugar Sugar, Truffle, Lava

First off I kind of like the fact that these come as singles because I like having the option to put them in a palette when I go somewhere or not. To me customizable colors like this are better than a palette already stocked with colors because chances are, you might not like some of them!

When I first laid eyes on these they looked like they were going to be extremely pigmented and soft. Turns out that was only half correct.

Sugar Sugar is a pale shimmery pink. This was very gritty and hard feeling, which I did not expect. It was decently pigmented, but really hard.

Truffle is a very pretty medium copper/taupe color. Again, SUPER gritty and hard feeling, but decent pigmentation after a few wipes.

Lava is a very deep blackened green with green, blue and gold micro-glitter. Since this was the last one I touched I fully expected it to be the same grittiness, but nope! This one was very soft and felt great and pigmented. It’s my favorite color of the three here, so that makes me happy.


Hit and miss. The first two were really quite rough feeling and not exactly conducive to something you want to put on your eye. I would pass on those ones. However, Lava was the complete opposite being very pigmented and soft. Kind of strange because it was the one that wasn’t very metallic either. Wonder if the “metallic properties” are making the other two hard and gritty?

Availability: September 2011

Pricing: $5.00

Have you tried any of the other I-Mark Eye Shadows?


Written by Kelly
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