LCN has a new line of nail polishes out that are called Magnetic Nail Polish.

Move over crackle, here come magnetic’s! No really, I am pretty sure this is going to be the next big trend and I can see why.

Magnetic nail polish isn’t a new thing, it’s been done before by other nail companies, but I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of big companies jumping on this trend in the next few months.

So how do these work? From what I understand, when you paint your nail, you hold the magnet over the polish and the magnet aligns the metal particles in the polish into a certain pattern. That’s about all I know!

What I can tell you is this was my first time trying them out and at first I did NOT get it to work. But then I did one nail at a time and that was the key.

The LCN Magnetic Nail Polishes come in eight different colors and in small 8 ml bottles. The names aren’t on the bottles but they have them listed on their website.

The magnets that go with these come in two patterns; a diagonal pattern and star-shaped one.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Apply whatever base coat you normally use (I don’t this this interferes with the magnetic patterns)
  2. Apply one very thick later of the LCN Magnetic Nail Polish to one nail
  3. Hold whichever magnet you prefer directly over your nail as close as you can (without touching the nail) for 10-12 seconds
  4. Once you take the magnet away, you will see the shape there
  5. Continue doing your other nails, one at a time

Things I learned:

  • You cannot paint a couple nails, then try using the magnet because it needs to be pretty wet and fresh for it to work. I tried painting four nails then doing it and I got no pattern at all
  • It can be challenging to hold the magnet over the wet nail without touching. The best way I found (after trial and error) is to prop your elbow on a table, take the hand you are holding the magnet with (try using your middle finger and thumb to hold it) and hold the magnet over your nail while steadying the finger with the polish on it with your pinky. That way you can see how close the magnet is to the nail
  • Another thing I learned is depending on where you place the magnet, you can place where the pattern is on your nail. So if you want the star in the middle, you put it directly over the middle of your nail. If you want it off to the side, you place it a little towards the left/right. Same goes for the diagonal striped one. You can change the direction of the stripes depending on how and where you hold it
  • Wait about 5 minutes before applying a top coat

LCN Lavender Magnetic
Fuchsia Attraction

Fuchsia Attraction is a lavender shade and I used it with the diagonal magnet. I love the way this came out, looks so cool!

Here I have all the diagonal stripes going in the same direction.

LCN Lavender Magnetic 2
Fuchsia Attraction

LCN Green Magnetic
Green Temptation

Here is Green Temptation with the star magnet. I tried doing most of them towards the middle of my nail, but it can be tricky to get them all exact.

LCN Green Magnetic 2
Green Temptation

LCN Purple Magnetic
Ferromagnetic Blue

Here is Ferromagnetic Blue and the diagonal magnet. I switched up the direction of it with this one, as you can see from the stripes. I really like this color also.

LCN Red Magnetic
Copper Seduction

Here is Copper Seduction with the star magnet. Here I used the star more towards the edges so you don’t see as much of the center of the star as you do with the green one above.


These are really fun I think, and don’t take too much practice to get down. I like that the learning curve is pretty small because I don’t have patience for super complicated nail art! I do think the prices are a bit high, especially for how small the bottles are.

Availability: You can find these on their website here.

Pricing: You can get the polish for $9.95 each and the magnets are $19.95 each.

Now I need to know, are you on-board with the magnetic nail effects?


Written by Kelly
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