Benefit They re Real

Benefit They’re Real! (July 2011) is a new mascara with a whole ‘lotta claims behind it.

They’re Real! volumizes, thickens and curls lashes not to mention it won’t smudge, flake off or dry out.

The brush is what makes this mascara a little different from most. It’s kind of a spiky 14th century weapon-looking thing which has staggered bristles. These bristles help you grab all those small little lashes hiding out and bring them to life!

You can use this brush the “normal” horizontal way to lengthen and get lots of volume or use it vertically to help curl and define your lashes.

Benefit They re Real 2

Benefit They re Real 3

Benefit They re Real 4

Benefit They re Real 5

Benefit They re Real Swatch
They’re Real! Black Mascara

Benefit They re Real No Mascara
My eye sans mascara

Benefit They re Real with Mascara
My eye with They’re Real!

I am digging this mascara so far, not many complaints.

I put it on this morning (after curling my lashes as per normal) and found it has a nice thick consistency, but definitely not too thick or clumpy. That’s one reason I really like these kind of mascara wands, you get so much less clumping.

I definitely felt like it thickened and gave me good volume. As far as curling, I didn’t notice any more than what my curler had already done, but then again I also only used the wand horizontally, not vertically.

It might not be the blackest black on earth, but it’s definitely a good solid black.

As far as how it feels, it feels good! No crispiness or stiffness to my lashes, they feel relatively soft. I have been wearing it now for 8 hours and have zero flakes or smudges, which is great!


I think this is a good black mascara and I like the wand a lot. I don’t think it makes me look like I’m wearing false lashes though (hence what the name implies). I have yet to see any mascara really do that. 🙂

Availability: July, 2011

Pricing: $22.00


Written by Kelly
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