I did a swap recently with Melli over at Nail-Anon and she sent me a brand I had not yet tried for some odd reason.

LASplash isn’t very easily found anywhere nearby so I think they kind of fell off my radar even though I have heard good things about a lot of their products.

They have a pretty large range of regular nail polish as well as a glitter line, which includes Midnight Rain.

LASplash Midnight Rain

LASplash Midnight Rain
LASplash Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain is a deep blackened blue base with tons and tons of blue and red glitter. The blue glitter is super tiny and the red is slightly larger. There is a really good amount of both in the bottle, so yours nails will definitely be well covered with both colors.

The formula was on the thick side and you definitely have to watch how much is on the brush. The brush tends to get a lot of polish on it, so making sure you don’t get a giant glob is key to an even (and faster drying) application.

I’m not normally a huge glitter fan and I didn’t try this out for a couple weeks, but when I did it was instant love. I love this color combination for some reason and I love glitters with a colored, not clear, base.

I did use three coats here because I like my polish very saturated, but you could probably do two coats.

LASplash Midnight Rain

Now I have the LASplash bug and want to check out a bunch more of their products. 🙂

This nail polish is around $3.99 and they have 60+ other glitter colors as well!



Written by Kelly
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