Joe “Fresh Style” Nail Polish hails from Toronto Canada and I happen to have a wonderful “hook-up” there who sent me a bunch of their polishes. Thank you Melli!

Joe nail polish comes in small little rounded bottles that are just 6 ml, but are bigger than a lot of other mini polish bottles. There is an issue with these bottles though. The brush applicators are SO short it makes them very hard to hold and control.

Aside from that, most of these have a really nice formula and cover in just two coats, so that is a good thing!


Joe Fog

Fog is a medium/deep cement grey creme. Very nice color, I love grey creme polishes. Probably not the most original color on earth, but still nice!

Joe Persian Blue
Persian Blue

Persian Blue is a medium blue creme with a slightly dusty hue to it. I don’t have a lot of blues like this and think it’s quite chic.

Joe Jade

Jade is a bright yet deep jade green creme. It’s very vivid and totally gorgeous. I think I could have used one more coat because I did have a bit of patchiness with this one. I think that’s due to me not letting the first coat dry enough though.

Joe Moss

Moss is a dark mossy colored green creme. I mean really, who doesn’t love a moss green polish? I know I do!

Joe Gunmetal

Gunmetal is a grey/brown base with very heavy silvery metallic shimmer with some blue and pink thrown in for good measure. Really nice and great coverage with this one.

Joe Twilight

Twilight is a black base with iridescent flake chunks in it. This is the one that my eye immediately went towards when I first saw all the bottles. The black itself is a little thin and watery and I wish it was blacker. I love flakies though and don’t think I have one like this.

Twilight (macro)

Have you tried any Joe nail polishes? Which are your favorites?


Written by Kelly
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