Jemma Kidd Glitterari Shadow Dust Duo

Jemma Kidd is introducing us to some really REALLY cool new eye products for spring/summer 2011 called Glitterati Shadow Dust Duo’s.

These come in three colors and feature a liquid eyeshadow on one end and a glittery powder dust in a corresponding color on the other end.

The liquid shadow side comes with a doe-foot applicator and the glitter is applied via roller ball.

The three colors are:

  • Premiere – Taupe
  • Paparazzi – Gold
  • Debut – Silver

Jemma Kidd Glitterari Shadow Dust Duo 2

Jemma Kidd Glitterari Shadow Dust Duo 3

Jemma Kidd Glitterari Shadow Dust Duo 4

Jemma Kidd Glitterari Shadow Dust Duo 5

Jemma Kidd Glitterari Shadow Dust Duo Swatch 1
Debut, Paparazzi, Premiere (Liquid is on the left and Glitter Powder on the right)

First off I have to say I was totally stunned at how amazing these were when I swatched them! The liquid shadow feels really nice and is pretty darn saturated. It dries pretty quickly also to a nice finish (I don’t think these will cause creasing issues if worn over a shadow base, but not positive yet).

The roller ball glitter shadows were also really opaque, even more so than the liquid shadows. I was kind of expecting sparse glittery bits, but no they are more like a pigment but in a roller ball style. The one drawback is they can be messy with a lot of fallout so I wouldn’t actually use the roller ball to apply directly onto my eye. I would roll enough of it onto my hand then use a brush or finger and pat it on, reducing fallout.

Debut is a super metallic silver duo. The liquid and powder for this duo are very similar silver colors. I think the liquid is slightly more white/silver though.

Paparazzi is a very pretty gold combo. I love that the liquid form is more of a yellow/gold and the powder is more copper/gold. Both are really pretty on their own.

Premiere is completely over-the-top pretty. The liquid is a deeper more mushroom colored taupe and the powder is a lighter more brown taupe. Again I love them both!

Jemma Kidd Glitterari Shadow Dust Duo Debut Swatch

Jemma Kidd Glitterari Shadow Dust Duo Paparazzi Swatch

Jemma Kidd Glitterari Shadow Dust Duo Premiere Swatch


I love these much more than I thought I would. I kind of expected the liquid to be a bit sheer and thought the glitter powder would be sparse. Boy was I wrong! Both sides of these sets have a lot of payoff. I like these because you can basically get three looks for one color. You could wear the liquid on it’s own, the powder on it’s own or combine them! The downside is that they are $18.00, which is definitely expensive for Target. I would rather them be $10-12, but it is what it is.

Availability: Target

Pricing: $18.00

Let’s hear it, what do you think about these colors and pricing?


Written by Kelly
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