Jack Black Lip Balm

First things first. Happy 4th anniversary to my best friend and husband Mr. VV!!! 🙂

You’ve probably heard me yammer on and on about how dry and chapped my lips always are. My whole life I have dealt with chapped lips and have tried to find the perfect solution for the problem. Well folks, I think after almost 39 years (ok not ALL those years have been spent looking for lip balm) I have found it. 🙂

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm came onto my radar about a year ago when I saw a review about it. It somehow fell off my radar until recently when I started hearing about it again from a Twitter friend/YouTube guru. She bought a tube and was amazed that it was so incredible and so I decided I needed to finally try this myself.

I initially bought just one tube of the Lemon & Chamomile flavor.  They do have five flavors which are: Natural Mint & Shea Butter, Vanilla & Lavender, Black Tea & Blackberry, Grapefruit & Ginger and Lemon & Chamomile.

All of them contain an SPF of 25 (UVA & UVB protection), which is excellent. They come in little squeeze tubes that are .25 oz each.

Jack Black Lip Balm 2

These lip balms have a really nice, thick texture to them. Not gross and clumpy, more of a smooth thick feel, if that makes sense. In other words, they don’t feel like a thin layer of Vaseline sitting on your lips, they feel thicker and more moisturizing.

Now I have used practically every popular lip treatment out there and none compare to these. Used to be Rosebud Salve was my favorite, but the problem with that was it felt very thin and like it just sat on top of my lips, never penetrating in. Same with almost all others. My favorite up until these was MAC Lip Conditioner, which I still really like. But those do not give me the same healing as these do.

I apply lip product every night before bed and do the same with these. Within just 4 or 5 days these made my lips so much softer and less chapped than normal for me. Even Mr. VV is hooked!

I loved them so much after a week that I bought their “Lip Service Set” which is on their website only and comes with all 5 flavors but you only pay the price of 4 of them.

My favorite flavors in order are: Grapefruit/Ginger (this is incredible and is much heavier on the grapefruit than ginger), Lemon/Chamomile, Vanilla/Lavender (heavier on the lavender for me than vanilla), Natural Mint and finally Black Tea/Blackberry, which I am not all that fond of.

Another way I can tell these have helped treat my chapped lips is normally I can only do maybe 5 or 6 lip swatches before my lips are screaming at me to stop. The other day I did 12 red ones and had no problem at all. Yay!


HOOKED. I am completely hooked on these and can’t imagine getting anything else ever again at this point for chapped lips. These are perfection for me.

Availability: Their website, Sephora

Pricing: $7.50 each or $30.00 for all 5

What is YOUR favorite lip product? Have you tried these yet?


Written by Kelly
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