Summer is a great time to bust out a super bright or even deep red lipstick, so today I have a plethora of my favorite red lipsticks which are all by MAC, except one.

When I was in my late teens/early 20’s I pretty much only wore red lipstick. It was my signature look LONG before Gwen Stefani was popular :). Too bad this was before I discovered MAC in 1991 though because the red lipsticks I wore were dry, chalky and mostly came in a fat, cheap pencil form. Ick.

The red lipsticks I gravitate towards and that look best on me are cooler, blue-toned ones. There are a few matte formulas in here which I really adore, but they are a lot more drying than I prefer generally.

I hear alllll the time people saying “I wish I could wear red lipstick” and you CAN. There is definitely a red out there for everyone, you just have to find out if your perfect one is warmer, cooler, brighter or deeper for your skin tone.

Oh and the other great thing about red lipstick is while it is higher maintenance than most other colors, it makes your teeth look much whiter!

One thing to note, I did use a lip liner for these photos since red really requires perfection. Strangely enough I only have one MAC red lip liner, which is Burgundy which I used with the darker reds here. The other lip liner I used is Revlon Redwood, which is a really old, but creamy bright red liner.

MAC Ruby Woo Image

MAC Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo (matte, permanent) is a very bright blue-based red with a matte finish. This is an amazing color and probably the brightest red I own. I think I have owned this tube for about 12 years since it’s in the old straight lipstick tubes MAC used to have!

MAC Cockney Image
MAC Cockney

Cockney (lustre, permanent) is a lustre finish so it’s very shiny and a little sheer. It’s another great cool red color, but I find the lustre finishes tend to bleed on me after awhile even with a lip liner, so that is the downfall for me.

MAC Russian Red Image
MAC Russian Red

Russian Red (matte, permanent) is a classic bright blue-toned red. It is classified as a matte, but the texture feels much less matte than Ruby Woo on me and it looks creamier and shinier also. I think this is my favorite red ever, it’s just perfection in a tube.

MAC MAC Red Image

MAC Red (satin, permanent) is a newer addition to my red collection. I am not sure HOW I didn’t have this one! It’s a satin texture so it feels super creamy and saturated. Great cool-toned red!

MAC New Temptation Image
MAC New Temptation

New Temptation (Sheen Supreme, permanent) is a Sheen Supreme so it has a bit of a sheer yet shiny finish. This color is more of a tomato type red color. These lipsticks dry my lips out badly, but I have been using the Prep & Prime Lip Balm lately and that definitely helps.

MAC Heartless Image
MAC Heartless

Heartless (amplified, limited edition) is from the Venomous Villains Cruella de Vil collection and might be my second favorite red. It’s very similar to Russian Red except it’s an amplified finish and it has small pink/purple sparkles in it. They are hard to see unless you inspect super close though and are more obvious in the tube than on the lips. I would say since this was limited edition that color-wise, Russian Red is a good dupe.

MAC Prolong Image
MAC Prolong

Prolong (Pro Longwear Creme, permanent) is from the Pro Longwear collection and these lipsticks feel incredible on. They are smooth as butter – the best feeling lipsticks ever! Prolong is kind of a raspberry red color and not as saturated as some of the others, but you still get good coverage.

MAC Perpetual Flame Image
MAC Perpetual Flame

Perpetual Flame (Pro Longwear Creme, permanent) is also a Pro Longwear lipstick and is a pinkish colored red. Another great one with a little more coverage than Prolong has.

MAC Dubonnet Image
MAC Dubonnet

Dubonnet (amplified creme, permanent) is a darker more brick red color and is a color I have actually gone through one and a half tubes of! Shocking. I love this one because it’s a strong red, but not so bright that you feel like all eyes are staring only at your lips.

MAC Viva Glam I Image
MAC Viva Glam I

Viva Glam I (matte, permanent) is a great brownish blue-based red and it’s another favorite of mine. So many favorites!

MAC Red Pepper Image
MAC Red Pepper

Red Pepper (matte, discontinued) is a dark brown red color. It looks really brown and bland in the tube but it’s a really nice darker red. It has been discontinued though, sorry!

Kat Von D Adora Image
Kat Von D Adora

Finally we get to the one that doesn’t “belong” which is Kat Von D Adora. Adora is a candy-apple red lipstick with lots of shimmer. This is a slightly warmer more orange toned red than I normally go for but I really loved the tube (haha) and it’s the only red I have with shimmer, so yay! You can still get this color on Sephora’s website.

MAC Red Lipstick Swatches 1
Ruby Woo, Cockney, Russian Red, MAC Red, New Temptation, Heartless

MAC Red Lipstick Swatches 2
Prolong, Perpetual Flame, Dubonnet, Viva Glam I, Red Pepper, KVD Painted Love

So which of these are your favorites? What am I missing that I *need*?



Written by Kelly
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